Prasenjit Chatterjee and the team o...

  Upcoming Bengali movie Force from the banner of Essel Vision productions and NIdeas Creations and Productions Pvt Ltd organized an inter...


“Promoting Bengali Films and Bengal...

Shah Rukh Khan with his Happy New Year Team Visits Kolkata The New Bollywood Film Happy New Year Team comprising of Shahrukh Khan, Sonu Sood, Farah...


Interview: Director Atanu Ghosh on ...

  Sanjib Banerji, Sholoana Bangaliana: Your next film Ek Phaali Rodh is ready for release... You must be excited!! Atanu Ghosh:"It’s a ...


Second Edition of Aatman Film Carni...

The second edition of the Aatman Film Carnival was a one day affair which kick started at the Gyan Manch. The one day filmy affair saw eleven inte...

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Prasenjit Chatterjee and the team of his Upcoming Bengali Film ‘Force’ Spends Quality Time with Underprivileged Children; Tram Joy Ride Around the City

  Upcoming Bengali movie Force from the banner of Essel Vision productions and NIdeas Creations and Productions Pvt Ltd organize...

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Preview: Beauty and the Beast Releasing November 14; Its Bigger and Dreamier

After the wreck of his ships, a financially-ruined merchant exiles himself in the countryside with...

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Sambhala- A Fast Paced Fiction Novel now in Kolkata Book Stores

STORY and Grapevine India launched Shariful Hassan and Arindam Mukherjee’s book Sambhala at STORY. The book will mark the strengthening of...

Preview: Beauty and the Beast Releasing November 14; Its Bigger and Dreamier


After the wreck of his ships, a financially-ruined merchant exiles himself in the countryside with his six children. Among them is Beauty, his youngest daughter, a joyful girl full of grace.

A financially ripped trader after surviving a disastrous ship wreck goes to live with his family of a wife and six kids in the city’s outskirts. He has his days of misery of pain but his youngest daughter Beauty is always chirpy and happy and a sunshine for the family.


Orchestrated by a sudden turn of fate, Beauty’s father steps into the domain of a dreaded beast and is sentenced to death for a petty mistake of stealing a rose but Beauty comes to her father’s rescue and willingly steps in to take up the punishment meant for her father. It is after this very step by the young girl that her life completely changes as she goes to live in the castle with the beast where she gets to experience a world of fantasy and magic.

Beauty driven by her urge to make things nice and happy around her goes on to unearth the beast’s secrets and magically the same is revealed to her in her dreams and in due course she learns that this dark and fearsome creature was once a charming prince. Beauty with her beautiful heart and fearless spirit then goe son to release the creature of its curse and in due course find true love and her soul mate in the charming prince.


High voltage drama and a vivid imagery of the magical realms of the beast makes this movie a must watch for both, kids and adults. Film Releasing on November 14.

Prasenjit Chatterjee and the team of his Upcoming Bengali Film ‘Force’ Spends Quality Time with Underprivileged Children; Tram Joy Ride Around the City



Upcoming Bengali movie Force from the banner of Essel Vision productions and NIdeas Creations and Productions Pvt Ltd organized an interesting venture to spread joy and happiness in the lives of the under privileged children. Tollywood star Prosenjit Chatterjee was present at the occasion to interact with the kids and also to spend time with them. Tathagata Mukherjee, Pallavi Chatterjee, Raja Chanda, Deboleena Dutta also took part in this joy ride event with the kids.


The exciting tram ride for the underprivileged kids started from Ballygunje Tram Depot via Park Circus and ended at Bow Bazar. The actor sang songs and interacted with the kids.

Speaking at the occasion Prosenjit Chatterjee said “It is important to spend time with children. Making them happy is always a good thing to do. We have taken this initiative as our film Force also has a child as the main focus of the story. The film shows the struggle of a single father. It also shows beautifully the relationship between a father and his son. I play the role of an encounter specialist and I have to take out time to spend with my son”.


The film Force features Arpita Chatterjee, Master Arya Dasgupta, Sudipto Ballav, Debranjan Nag, Antara Mitra, Ena Saha, Tathagata Mukherjee in pivotal roles. Saptarshi Mukherjee has composed the music for this film while the script has been handled by Anindya Bose. Gopi Bhagat is the DOP of this film.

The movie Force is slated for a 7th November release.

Priyanka Dutta

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“Promoting Bengali Films and Bengal’s Culture is a matter of Pride and Privilege”, says Shah Rukh Khan; HNY Team Visits Kolkata to Celebrate Film’s Success with Fans

Shah Rukh Khan with his Happy New Year Team Visits Kolkata

The New Bollywood Film Happy New Year Team comprising of Shahrukh Khan, Sonu Sood, Farah Khan and Vivaan Shah was in Kolkata yesterday to promote their film as well be a part of a show at Kolkata’s St. Xavier’s College celebrating the success of the blockbuster.


Though three members of the team, namely Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan and Boman Irani were missing owed to a shooting schedule, an ISL match and family function respectively, King Khan aptly made up for their absence by not only apologizing but also by patiently answering way too many questions than was actually scheduled.

After the patient wait, the media had a volley of questions for the King of Romance who very tactfully answered the ones that were relevant to films and in his usual graceful manner dodged the ones that were hinted towards the political scenario of the state.


One interesting aspect that came out during the conversation with the press was that SRK never reads reviews of his own films and as he puts it, “As soon as I am done with a film, I am completely done with it”; and this practice, as the superstar stated, was grilled into him during the early phases of his career by none other than Mr. Mahesh Bhatt.


Though not too many questions were directed towards the other stars, Vivaan, the youngest member of the crew was definitely asked if during the shoot he was always the prankster or the one on whom pranks were played by the seniors to which Vivaan said that it was always a very fun atmosphere during the shoot and all of them used to keep pulling each others legs and had loads of fun in doing things together.


Salmaan Khan, who has time and again been labeled as Shahrukh’s arch rival had promoted Happy New Year on his super hit reality show Big Boss 8 on Colors Channel which remained the talk of the Tinsel town for long and when asked about his reaction on the same, The Badshah that SRK is said that it was a wonderful gesture by Salman and he is very grateful to him for the same. Shahrukh Khan also said that this little gesture would also surely help in giving the industry the true picture and people will stop talking about the tussle between stars as Bollywood is one big family and everybody there works for a common goal and that is good cinema and entertainment.


Another interesting statement made by Shahrukh Khan when questioned about his duty of promoting Bengali Films was, “Promoting the culture and even the films of Bengal is neither my duty nor my responsibility, it is rather my privilege and though I am taking a little time to put things into action, I have my plans in place and will do my very best to promote the state not just because I am its brand ambassador but because I firmly believe that Kolkata is the cultural hub of the country and it needs to be carefully nurtured”.

After King Khan’s passionate involvement with cricket and his Kolkata team KKR, his not owning a football team and participating in ISL definitely came as a surprise for the city denizens and when asked, King Khan made another historical statement and said that he did not participate because he did not get the Kolkata team and he does not prefer to take up any team other than that of Kolkata and is so finicky in his choice that if not with a Kolkata team, he would prefer never playing football.


And as is the custom, just as the time for the King Khan to wish the city Good Night was closing in, requests started coming in for a dance and some selfies with Shahrukh to which SRK willing obliged and the press conference came to an end with his fans on an all-time high!

Happy New Year, directed by Farah Khan and produced by Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainments has already broken all records and turned out to be one of the biggest Box office hits of the year and Team Sholoana Bangaliana sincerely hopes that brand SRK will continue to entertain his fans for many more years to come.

Video: Amitav Sarkar

Photographs By: Suman Dey Sarkar

Interview: Director Atanu Ghosh on his Upcoming Bengali Film ‘Ek Phaali Rodh’, the Bystander Effect and His Expectations from the Film



Sanjib Banerji, Sholoana Bangaliana: Your next film Ek Phaali Rodh is ready for release… You must be excited!!

Atanu Ghosh:”It’s a film very close to my heart. I was quite hooked on by the issue of ‘Bystander Effect’ and wanted it to serve as the springboard for the concept of the film. Besides, it gave me an opportunity to work with some of my most favorite actors. The form of the film, combining fiction with non-fiction, use of hidden camera and CCTV footage is quite new for me. The music by Joy Sarkar also turned out to be quite captivating. So, it’s an exciting package indeed.


All of your earlier films, dealt with social and psychological and social issues, we guess there won’t be any exception regarding EPR as well. Please throw some light on the plot?

The film takes off from the issue of Bystander Effect – the socio-psychological phenomenon where people do not offer help to strangers in distress. A social scientist (Dhritiman Chaterji) is working on it and as part of the research, he engages Swagato (Ritwik Chakraborty) and Anwesha (Aparajita Ghosh Das) to create mock crisis on the streets of Kolkata. The aim is to analyze human behavior and derive conclusions from them. Suddenly, one day, they come face to face with some acute crisis which takes them off-guard and they cannot decipher whether its ‘mock’ or ‘real’. After that, there is lot of high-voltage drama, suspense and quite a bit of emotion coming in.


‘Bystander effect’ is the underlying theme of the movie. Why did you choose such a topic and do you intend to spread any kind of awareness in the society about such human emotions and conditions.

The topic is quite alarming. It all started with the public murder of 28-year-old Kitty Genovese in New York in 1964. 38 people watched the young woman getting stabbed and killed on the street and yet no one chose to raise alarm or call the police. It shook the nation and the world at large and rocked our faith against each other. Exactly fifty years have passed since then and there has been numerous incidents happening in different parts of the globe. Though the issue is very sensitive and raises fundamental questions about human behavior, the aim of the film is not restricted to creating awareness. I strongly believe the film stands on its own intending to satisfy viewers as a work of art exploring human emotion, drama and suspense.


What kind of research did you have to do in order to create an entire feature film around it?

The most cinematic aspect of Bystander Effect research lies in the use of ‘mock’ crisis. All over the world, social scientists hire small-time actors to enact scenes of crisis on the streets. And that is what turned me on to create a feature film around the subject. Quite a few books as well as Youtube videos gave me a theoretical know-how and then I met a few social scientists and organizations who were working on this issue. I always enjoy delving deep into the basic reality before designing its fictional representation.


In Rupkatha Noy we saw you presenting Soumitro Chattopadhyay so beautifully, and in EPR you have cast Dhritiman Chattopadhyay who is also a very experienced actor and an industry veteran, your experience of working with Dhirtiman sir? 

I have been waiting for long to work with Dhritiman Chaterji. For quite some time, we used to catch up whenever he came over to Kolkata from Chennai (where he stays now) and I really enjoyed those enlightening sessions. That is how, we started sharing a bond and Ek Phaali Rodh was the best thing to have happened after that. Apart from being a very experienced and accomplished actor, he is a brilliant mind with varied interests and a charming personality. Interacting with him is always a pleasure.


You have repeated Tota Roychowdhury, Aparajita Ghosh Das (Chakraborty), Arunima Ghosh (Abby Sen) and Jisshu Sengupta in two of your movies, do you think these four actors are underrated in  Tollywood or some consider them as unlucky for Box Office success as well ? If yes, do you intend to break this notion and jinx?  

This custom of branding an actor as unlucky for Box Office is utter nonsense. Some actors never get their due and that has happened throughout history. We should acknowledge their talent and passion for acting. No use lamenting as to why they never got the adulation they deserve. Jisshu, Tota, Arunima and Aparajita have proved their brilliance time and again in cinema or television and they are some of my most favorite actors. I would go on working with them irrespective of how they are branded by the industry.


Ritwick Chakraborty is now the budding Star Actor of Tollywood, your directorial views on Ritwick, the actor?

Ritwick is sensational! He can give a unique edge to a character by using his reactionary power, sharp intellect and improvising skill. It’s not common that we come across such actors who can work wonders with a combination of intuitive skills.


Joy Sarkar during the music launch of Ek Phali Rodh said that after working with you, working with other directors becomes a little difficult as no one gives as much freedom as you do… We would like to know why do you always choose Joy Sarkar for the music in your films?

I like film music to be spontaneous and varied. Joy has this rare capacity of blending simple melody with intensity of expression. Besides, he loves to experiment and is never bothered about dictates of the market. In that way, we share a common vision. I have worked with Joy in three films (Rupkatha Noy, Ek Phaali Rodh, Abby Sen) and in each of them, he has developed a different musical expression.


Such a complex psychological behavior as the Bystander Effect forms the theme of your film, do you think the audience is ready for such complex topics, more from the comprehension point of view?

There is nothing complex in Bystander Effect. You see a stranger writhing in pain on a street. The question is, whether you will help him or not. As simple as that! Besides, none of my films are difficult to comprehend. Basically, I conform to a simple narrative style.


Currently what subjects are you reading and researching on and what can the audience expect next?

I am working on some subjects but it is too early to tell about them. It will be something entirely different. Can assure you that!


The Bengali film industry at the moment is said to be going through a slack period, do you think EPR, just like Srijit Mukherji’s Chotushkone, will act as oxygen for this wilted industry?

Certainly, I do have quite a bit of expectation regarding EPR. The subject is new, the treatment is not common, the cast includes some of the best names, and there is a lot of drama, emotion and suspense! I think the audience would like it.


Team Sholoana Bangaliana wishes the director Atanu Ghosh the Very Best and hopes that not only Ek Phali Rodh, his other upcoming Bengali films will also be super successful and give the much needed traction to the slacking Bengali Film Industry.


SanjibSanjib Banerji takes a keen interest in both Old and Contemporary/modern Bengali literature and cinema and has written several short stories for Bengali Little magazines. He also runs a little magazine in Bangla, named – Haat Nispish, which has completed its 6th consecutive year in the last Kolkata International Book Fair. Being the eldest grandson of Late Sukumar Bandopadhaya, who was the owner of HNC Productions and an eminent film producer cum distributor of his time (made platinum blockbusters with Uttam Kumar, like “Prithibi Aamarey Chaaye”, “Indrani” and several others), Sanjib always nurtured an inherent aspiration of making it big and worthy in the reel arena. Upcoming Bengali Film Sesh Anko that has been scripted and creatively directed by Sanjib is currently under production and the suspense thriller is being directed by Tathagata Banerjee.



Second Edition of Aatman Film Carnival a Hit with Cinema Lovers; Ticket Free Entry Boosts Audience Participation


The second edition of the Aatman Film Carnival was a one day affair which kick started at the Gyan Manch. The one day filmy affair saw eleven international award winning documentaries and short films. The inauguration of the film festival was done in the presence of Supriyo Sen who is also the curator of this festival, Somnath Ghoshal (founder and organizer) and Shyamal Karmakar.

Aatman Film Carnival began last year to cater to the needs of those people who long to see these not so commercial films. “There are many people who simply do not know where to go and find these films. I agree there are places where films are shown like the Gorky Sadan, the Max Mueller Bhawan. But even then it is not possible for all to go there and watch the films. This led us to think of such an event where the audiences will be able to watch such films” said Supriyo Sen.


Some of the films which were shown in this film festival include I am the very beautiful (65 minutes) by Shyamal Karmakar, Taamash (32minutes) by Satyanshu and Devanshu Singh, The External World (15minutes) by David Oreilly, For You and me (11 minutes) by Tanushree Das, Gulabi Gang (94 minutes) by Nishtha Jain, Hijibiji (12minutes) by Avishek and Indranil, What a wonderful world (8minutes) by Joydip and Sugriv, Swapna Satyakam (21minutes) by Som, 5 Broken Cameras (94 minutes) by Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi, Printed Rainbow(17 minutes) by Gitanjali Rao and Please Vote for me (58 minutes) by Weijun Chen.


One of the basic high points of this film festival was that it was open to all and the audience need not buy a ticket for watching the films. “We did this so that the film lovers could come and watch them without having to think about the monetary issues. Moreover, this would likewise appeal to many more people who would have backed away due to the purchasing of tickets for not so commercial films” said Somnath Ghoshal. This film festival has also provided a platform to the new directors to showcase their directorial skills.

Initiatives of this kind will surely enrich the Kolkata Film Lovers and encourage more and more people to watch world films.

Priyanka Dutta

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