Abosheshey – Roopa Ganguly and Raima Sen at their Best


Abosheshey wall

ABOSHESHEY is a wonderful depiction of the Kolkata that we live in today “আমাদের কলকাতা“.. This movie is a must watch for all those who are still trying to figure out why coming back to the city is still a top priority and an irresistible urge.

The story is the discovery of a WOMAN  – by her son , who has no memories of her and will never meet her in person.

The entire story unfolds not through melancholy or sadness but the celebration of finding. The pages of Suchismita’s diaries opens up one door after another  , her thoughts about him , the city , its evolution from one generation to the other , about the people she loved . And strange enough as reluctant as he was about walking backwards in time Soumyo finds everything is in waiting if he ever cared to return.

Roopa Ganguly

Coming to Kolkata for Soumyo was never a homecoming , separated from his mother who chose a city over a relation , brought up by his father who chose a career in a distant land over social commitments , his return to Kolkata was merely to close legal deals after his mothers demise.

“Suchismita” – had left an apartment for Soumyo her only legal heir, if one looked at it materially, she had actually left a legacy of love that she archived through two decades.

Bengali Movie

Soumyo’s discovery of Suchismita makes him a part of her with time.

Soumyo’s discovery of Kolkata makes him realize why people away from here always leave their hearts behind?

Why Suchismita chose the city over a marriage?

Why Kolkata is much more to him than just the name of his birthplace in the passport.


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