Na Hanyate: Riingo scores it again with his movie “For Ma”


“If you love your mother, you will surely love this movie”, this is what Riingo, the proud director of Na Hanyate had to say about his movie as, when talking to us at the premiere in Priya Cinema Hall on November 16th . The director’s quote worked well in setting our expectations and mood for the movie. Na Hanyate – though acclaimed for various technical firsts (Riingo being rightly called the most technically sound director of Tollywood) is a movie of subtle emotions, internal turmoil, great sacrifices and most important of all the various facets of motherhood.

Na Hanyate, a movie of fallen hopes, extreme pain, subtle emotions and the dilemmas of a mother is inspired by Xian Ling’s essay ‘The Great Tangshan Earthquake‘ and some episodes of the director’s life itself. Shiuli and Rattan have a happy childhood and wonderful loving parents and like all other ordinary children they too lead a peaceful and happy life but the stories of these ordinary children become completely different when the building that they live in collapse one night, forcing the family into painfully long years of separation, misunderstandings and guilt. It is at this point when Shiuli and Rattan’s mother (Rupa ganguly) chooses to save her son’s life over her daughters’, the story starts to unfold. Shiuli, taken for dead, does survive the injuries and is taken by a Muslim family where she is brought up with great care and love. Rattan, with his mother grows up in Samastipur and both mother and son spend their days in fond remembrance of Debesh (Rattan’s father) and Shiuli. Entwined with Rattan’s growing up years is his mother’s sense of guilt and extreme remorse that she hardly shares with anybody. Shiuli on the other hand, though living in complete luxury with doting foster parents cannot get over and accept the fact it was her own mother who left her to die stuck under the debris of the collapsed building, as a result of which she even resists the affection of her foster mother Zoya for whom Shiuli means the world.

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The story takes a new turn when a passenger plane crashes and Rattan and Shiuli co-incidentally reach the same spot and get to closely see and feel another mother’s dilemma. This is a scene of realizations and new beginnings. It is here that thestory rounds up showing how some disasters can break as well as reunite families.

Debutant Sayani Datta, has enthralled the audience with her superb histrionic skills. She has few dialogues to deliver and many emotions to portray and she has taken up the challenge very well. Sayani as Shiuli has handled the numerous delicate and subtle scenes that she has been framed in, with great finesse. Sayani’s costumes though could have been a bit more creatively designed. Her dressing style and even the hairdo throughout the movie was a bit too bland which though sinks in well with a certain class of movie goers, may not appeal to all.

Rahul Banerjee as Rattan the simpleton has also done his part well in displaying the emotions of a son who wants to help his mother but cannot, due to her resistance to talk about her grief. Other members of the cast, namely Priyanka Banerjee, Chaiti Ghoshal, Biplab Dasgupta, Chironjeet, child artist Paloma and the others have also done their part well. With everyone doing their best in bringing out the very feel of the movie, Roopa Ganguly has done her absolute best. During the stage presentation before the premiere, Roopa said “সিনেমাই আমাদের শেষ কথা” and after watching the movie the audience is sure to agree with her. Roopa as Juhi has infused life into each aspect of her character.

The cinematographer of Na Hanyate deserves special appreciation for some fantastic frames that we get to see in the movie. The broken window pane, soiled paper birds, broken bulb and the fire in the background wonderfully portray the tragedy at the aftermath of the building collapse. The sets have been very intelligently designed and they do their best in supporting the emotions of each scene. We could not have agreed more with Dadul Da (Arijit Dutta) who feels that Riingo’s charm is evident in this movie as it has a very unique style of presentation.

The movie, as is said is meant for the masses but we beg to differ on this as the subtleties of the movie; as was evident from comments made by a few coming out of the theater, could only be comprehended by a certain class of the audience. Well, this may not stand out to be a detrimental factor for the movie’s success as it definitely has something different to offer to each one (be it the masses or the classes).

Though quite in sync with the style of narration, the editing could have been a bit crisper as the drag comes out large in places. Ms. Alokananda Roy when speaking to us after the movie, however felt that what we may be calling a drag is the much required space and time that few of the scenes could not have done without. We can thus say that each scene has been given the due time to mature. The movie with all its technical firsts will also meet Srijit Mukherjee’s expectations who while speaking to us said that he was there to watch the movie coz the trailer looked very exciting and Riingo is the most technically sound director of Tollywood. Anurag Basu, who had specially come for the premiere of the movie wished the team all the luck and said that he was excited to watch the movie as the trailer itself looked quite fascinating.

Sriram Yusouf, music director of the movie has worked wonders with the music. Aptly placed melodies like Jaane Khuda, “চরণ ধরিতে দিও গো আমারে”and the title track Na Hanyate will leave a mark with the audience. Singers like Raghab, Somlata, Lopamudra and Sriram himself have wonderfully expressed the lyrics penned down by Ambarish and Riingo himself.

This epic style movie with all its classy SFX, pyrotechniques, fantastic plot, matured acting, intelligent direction and strong plot has all the might of playing strong in theaters for weeks together.  

The Bengali film industry is going through a very interesting phase of transition and now movies are again being made with due focus on the content and presentation. The fact that enough research is being done before planning a movie and due importance is being given to the treatment of individual scenes is quite evident from movies like this.


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