Terence Lewis says A..B..C..D.. Any Body Can Dance


Terrence Lewis Dance India Dance

The Terence Lewis Academy Mumbai organized a master class in association with the Pailan Film and Television Institute with Terence Lewis in the Ordinance Club on 11th of December 2012. The entire feel changed within a very short span of time as the floor vibrated with the perfect blend of the smiles and dance steps. This was the ideal stage for keeping aside the fear and tension and enjoying the moment learning few dance steps form the star choreographer.


Terence Lewis is now touring the country on behalf of the UNESCO’s Counseil De La Danse where he is representing India as a part of which he will be conducting similar sessions in many more Indian cities.

Pailan Film and Television Institute has become one of the most authenticlearning centers which has shaped the careers of many a talented young men and women over the years. Moreover the most interesting part of the institute is that they are determined to educate the physically challenged and under privileged children too. Above all “Riddi”, a society for Remedial and Integrated Education had been chosen for the free dance education as a part of this event. Overall this organization is providing the opportunities to good many students to enjoy their career at the fullest.

Dancing champs

It has been 5 years since Terence joined Dance India Dance, and his sole motive behind participating in the show was bringing dance in the mainstream profession and promoting it. It was commonly seen that people from the respectable families hardly joined this profession and Terrence aims to revive the stature of dance as an art and a profession.

We can consider Terence to have achieved the highest milestone of the dance world and Pailan Film and Television Institute feels elated to get him as a part of their dance genre as he is determined to set up a larger community of the dance lovers and develop an art form which is not only interesting but also refreshing.

We look forward to more such initiatives from this visionary institute.


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