Tutu Sinha’s directorial debut: The Light- Swami Vivekananda unveiled in a press conference in Kolkata


Naren to Swami Ji:  Tutu Sinha’s directorial debut, The Light- Swami Vivekananda is a vivid imagery of that phase of Swamiji when he rose to the greatest echelons of mankind. From the propinquity of Maa Sarada and Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa to the Chicago speech and the activities in Belur Math, all the episodes have been beautifully captured in this enlightening movie.

The Light

In a press conference held in the Middleton Chambers on December 19th, the cast and crew of The Light- Swami Vivekananda met the media to talk atlength about the making of the movie.

It was interesting to know that the director had some ethereal experiences while making the movie and all throughout, had a feeling that even nature is helping him make this movie. For instance he told us about a scene which needed very dusty wind and this could not be done realistically with blowers. Strangely enough, right when the shoot was about to begin a dusty wind, as required, started blowing and stopped when the shot was over. 

The director cited another interesting episode when he was a bit upset about having to change a location. Contrary to everyone’s expectations, when they reached this new location, the team realized that this was a much better than the place that they had chosen earlier and the entire scene was shot with utmost perfection.

Deep Bhattacharjee, Tutu Sinha

Director Sinha had done extensive research on the subject and while reading about the life and works of Swamiji discovered some great truths of life and he has tried to transform one aspect of this realization into a motion picture just so that even the common masses get to know more about our very own Swamiji.

Deep Bhattacharjee, originally a sector V techie plays Swamiji in the movie. Deep suits the character he plays very well as his looks are that of a somber and thoughtful person. Deep says that he could relate to Swamiji’s character very well as even he had lost his father at a very tender age and had to see the hardships of everyday life. It was during this phase when he was grieving over the loss of his father did he read the anthology of books on Swamiji and got to know him and his works more closely. It was interesting to know that Deep is also looking forward to do mainstream commercial cinema and does not want to restrict himself to stereotype roles. While we know that it gets quite difficult to get rid of a particular character stamp after doing movies like this, we do wish Deep the very best for his future projects and will be eagerly waiting to see him in newer and more experimental roles.

During the course of our conversation, one little concern about thedegradation of our heritage sites also came to the fore. Mr. Sinha had to shoot the Rameshwaram scene in a beach in Vizag as he says that Rameshwaram has now become more of a tourist spot with different kinds of people all around with the spiritual aura missing to a great extent and that had to be excluded from the frames at all costs.

The other crew members of the movie like Gargi Roychoudhury, Biswajit Chakraborty, Piyali Mitra and Premanku Das along with the producer also had an equally enlightening experience while working for this movie and the entire team is quite confident about the success of the movie as everyone feels that along with their hard work they also have the blessings of the Great Lord.



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