The power of Silence against “A Brutal Crime”


Candles lit march Protest March

Rape is a heinous crime, it is against mankind. It not only demeans a women’s respect but also degrades humanity as a whole. A woman becoming a victim of this crime not only undergoes physical pain but also mental torture. The instances of rape cases and molestation are increasing day by day just because people today are keeping their mouth shut fearing that they will be harmed if they raise their voice against these brutal crimes.

Silent march

Damini Rape Case has once again forced the 21st century crowd to raise their voice and protest against this brutal crime. While Delhi made start with a barricade-storming protest, Kolkata made a silent march to protest.  The so called city of joy started its second day of protest on Saturday at 5pm from Esplanade.  Thousands of people including professionals, students, professors, homemakers even the elderly women joined this march. Black was the dress code of this march.  The black march encouraged and attracted boys more than the girls to be the part of this rally.  As this rally was arranged at a very short notice, unfortunately not too many people could join this noble cause.

Delhi Rape Case

The rally was organized by the professors and the students of “Calcutta Law College”. The protestors carried placards with slogans demanding justice for the strong girl who is still alive and fighting for her life. The rally marched to Rabindra Sadan where candles were lit. Placards and posters acted as the primary medium of protest. The placards said everything as shouting was not permitted.  It was a silent march demanding a harsh and heart threating punishment for the culprits. The driving force for most of the protestors behind participating in the march was their pricking conscience which is now shouting out loud saying “It’s high time to register a strong protest”. Exemplary punishment was demanded for culprits by the marching crowd.

organized protest

Kolkata used to be counted amongst one of the safest cities for women and the denizens are trying their best to uphold this status of our beloved city of Joy. By registering their protest against such brutality citizens all across the nation are trying to pass the message to our leaders that strict measures need to be taken immediately to save our society from further degradation.

Social Media has played a major role in uniting citizens from across the nation in fighting against this heinous crime. Even the word about this march in Kolkata was primarily spread through Facebook. Students who were the primary organizers of this protest march were overwhelmed to see the response and support of the people of Kolkata.

Our whole hearted sympathies are with the victim and we too hope that she is not denied justice.

Report by : Kriti Gond


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