Music of “Final Mission” released in Kolkata


Music Launch

It can be said that “Final Mission” is musically vibrant and pulsating enough to bring about a wave of new musical experiments in the field. Thestar studded floor has taken the entire event to a totally different horizon with a hope of promoting skillfully designed music.


The movie is directed by Sudipto Sengupta and the background score is done by Hriju Roy Chowdhury while the lyricists are Smarajit Bandyopadhyay and Rajaram Chowdhury. The best part of the movie is the singers are the most famous personalities of the time. Udit Narayan, Javed Ali, Avijit, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Sandeep Manna, Ravi Chowdhury, Rima Nathaniel have blessed us with their melodious tone in the movie. This has altogether 7 songs and all of them are equally worth of mentioning.


The songs “Ure ure bohudure” by Abhijit and Reema, “Rappa Rappa SaraRappa” by Mqanhalaxmi Iyer and Sai Sandeep, “Tomay dekhe mone elo” by Ravi Chowdhury, “Chai hoye ure galo” by Udit Narayan, “Sudhu tumi ei sandhyay” by Mahalaxmi Iyer and Reema, “Maa aar santan” by Sai sandeep, “Andho samaje tufan ante” by Javed Ali have set a benchmark in the music world.

The movie deals mainly with the corruption and the disasters that our society is experiencing and is ruining the mental stature of the residents. This movie comes up with the notion that it is the time and the destiny that will establish whether they are in favor of the justice or injustice.

The Team

The show commenced with a romantic song “eto diner kalpona” by the upcoming playback singer of the movie Ravi Chowdhury. The appearance of the Zee Bangla “Agnipariksha” girl Sonali Chowdhury has further added to the movie’s mass appeal. Moreover the additional gain was Mehtab Hussain, the East Bengal player, Rimjhim Mitra and Raja Chatterjee. It was Mehtab Hussain who released the album and showcased the music CD of the upcoming movie “Final Mission”.

On the whole the director and producers along with the co stars is highly ambitious with the project for this is the time when we should stand against the evils and injustice of the society. They expect the movie to be an inspiration for the entire younger generation to fight back the attacks that smashes up the reputation of humanity as a whole.



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