Locket Chatterjee and Dibyendu Mukherjee With a tech savvy kid in “Hit Roni Hit”


A brilliant tech savoir-faire child involves himself in the serious issues of cyber crime like hacking in a very casual manner and saves a national crisis. This is the plot, centering which raises the story of “Hit Roni Hit” directed by Indranil Banerjee. One can easily call it a child thriller. Very trivial issues end up with massive disasters and have been beautifully acted out by the child artist Kohinoor Banerjee, student of Patha Bhavan, Dankuni. The family problems and the parental mismatch become the primary cause of diverting the child to a world of virtual reality with and computers become a form of escapism for him.

The movie “Hit Roni Hit” is produced under the banner of Cine Valley and Woods. Indranil Banerjee who is very hopeful about the movie and its future says that the story of the film is very unique as it brings to light the circumstances under which children are being influenced by technology and are becoming so advanced. This film is about one such 8 year old boy who spends the maximum part of his free time playing computer games, and surfing the internet until one day he discovers that he has mastered a few disciplines of cyber crimes.

Locket Chatterjee and Dibyendu Mukherjee who have played the role of Roni’s parents, as was evident from the finesse of the shots they gave in Narayani Studio will definitely add that much required flavor to the movie. This movie is a must watch for all age groups, for it offers due awareness on the family brawls and its effect on children. The advancements in the technology and the scientific managements have a great influence on the psychology of kids and parents must be conscious about balancing the academic and psychological aspect of children.

The music director of the movie is the singer Pranjal Bakshi and he has incorporated 4 Bengali film songs along with a ghazal. He is also the lyricist for the movie. Anwesha and Upal (the Chandrabindoo singer) has done a good job along with the veteran artists like Shubhomita and Srikanto Acharya. The melodious numbers are skillfully used as the background scores in many parts of the movie with a very avant-garde loom.



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