Aparna Sen’s Goynar Baksho fails to meet the expectations of many….


I started watching Mrs. Sen’s directorial movies at a very young age and loved those. Still remember when I watched 36 CHOWRINGHEE LANE, for the first time, just loved the concept. Aparna Sen initiated the genre which Anjan Dutta followed many years after. Some years after Aparna made SATI with her best friend Shaba Azmi in the lead character and entered the genre that was once initiated by Goutam Ghosh as well.

Thereafter, PARAMA, JUGANTO, PARAMITA-R EKDIN, 15 PARK AVENUE, MR & MRS IYER followed one by one. I kept on being simply mesmerized by her concepts, scripts & directorial skills and also felt she is far better as a director than she was as a heroine in the mainstream movies. Even direction made her acting skills quite a bit sharpened up, which reflected in Rituporno Ghosh’s UNISHEY APRIL,TEETLI, Aniruddha Roychoudhury’s ANTOHEEN and her own PARAMITAR EKDIN.

But sadly her last three releases, namely JAPANESE WIFE (English), ETEE MRILANINI & now GOINA-R BAKSHO falls far below of the movies, directed by Aparna Sen during the previous years. GOINAR BAKSHO is a lot better film, if compared to her last bangla release ETEE MRINALINI but nowhere near the best works of Aparna Sen, namely SATI, JUGANTO, MR & MRS IYER, PARMOMITAR EKDIN or even a 15 PARK AVENUE !!

Srabanti pleasantly astonished me with her absolute make-up less beauty and flamboyant representation of her character ‘Chaitali’, she looked very different from her mainstream movies like ‘WANTED’ or a  ‘CHAMPION’ and veteran actor Moushumi Chatterjee excelled with her pure BANGAL dialectical slang.

Konkona Sen Sharma and Saswata Chattopadhyay acted very well and the rest of the casts were fair. The Screenplay could have much more strong & transparent. One can find many inconsistencies during various phases of the film. Especially the climax was very vague and abrupt. And if the climax fails then the film also fails to create an impact in the minds of serious audiences.

Soumik Halder’s cinematography aar Debjyoti Mishra’s music both stands upto the mark. But when the screenplay turns out to be the weakest part of a film then the destiny of that film, already gets marked. GOYNAR BAKSHO is heading towards the destination of Japanese Wife and Etee Mrinalini and this is sad for Mrs. Sen and Venkatesh films and lastly Shirsendu Mukhopadhyay because directors are repeatably fooling around with his best of creations.

Many of the film makers tried to transcript Shirsendu Novels as movie scripts and eventually wasted most of those, barring Rituporno Ghosh’s Heerer Aangti and to some extent Patalghar. Even legendary filmmaker Tapan Sinha failed to adopt Shirsendu Mukhopadhyay’s ‘Nobi Ganjer Doityo’ as his ‘Ajob GaNyer Ajob Katha’ and now ace film maker Aparna Sen have also wasted an absolute winning Shirsendu Mukhopadhyay story.  Yet again it’s proved that all literally works cannot be transcripted as cinematic works.

Review by Sanjib Banerjee



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