Preview of upcoming Bangla movie Chand Pahari


Chand Pahari is a movie that brings to the fore the life of some carefree well educated youngsters who take great pride in defying their parents and living a reckless life. The lives of these six friends Rai, Toni, Juli, Ratul, Jack and Peu take a 360 degree turn when one of them allegedly turn into a serial killer.

Heroines of Chaand PahariStill from Chaand Pahari

This movie is one that has adequate doses of comedy, romance, entertainment and some spine chilling suspense.

Murder mystery

Movie Credits:

Story : Mr. Ashis Mitra
Script : Mr. Kashap.
Camera man : Mr. Sandip Sen
Music : Mr. Bappi Lahiri
Editor : Mr. Swapan  Guha
Director : Mr.Ashis  Mitra.



Mouboni Sarkar, Jack, Bonni Chakraborty, Arnob Banerjee, Joyjit Banerjee, Ronita, Gorge Becker, Santana Basu, Mousomi Saha, Mrityun Hazra, Krishna kishore Mukherjee
and Dulal lahari


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