A great Loss to Indian Cinema: R.I.P Rituparno Ghosh


Farewell Ritu Da

A morning never so calm in recent times…it only embraced gloom and darkness. When I am writing his obituary, he is already far from this maddening crowd..Left with some ashes and diamonds!

He single handedly pulled the “sikhhito modhhobitto dorshok”, which we call educated middle class Bengali audience into those dark and empty theatres. Bangla cinema audience will be ever grateful to this man for his contribution to provide a food for thought to the urban middle class, who was hitherto suppressed by the tyranny of hooliganism practiced in the Bengali cinema of the 80’s and early 90’s.

Rituporno Ghosh Farewell

He marked his arrival in the ‘90s with his Hirer Angti, set up a tone for post globalization ‘Bangali’. We started to articulate our thoughts through his words…words lost after Ray and Ghatak from Bangla cinema…An enunciation that makes us international.

An obituary never heavyweights with information but we can’t ignore so many international accolades the man has received in his lifetime neither can we ignore the ease with which he has always handled all national stars from right Amitabh Bachhhan to Aishwarya Rai, Ajay Devgan to Preity Zinta and not to mention any of our Bengali stars. His gender sensitivity, his social consciousness, his Bangaliana; all set an example of a Renaissance culture, our lost social romance. He was a living nostalgia even when he was alive.

You may dislike him…you may criticize him…you may be unable to handle him…but you cannot ignore him.

He is the most learned story teller of our generation.

He is Rituparno Ghosh.

May his soul rest in peace!

An obituary dedicated from a co film maker of the city

Debasish Sen Sharma


Photographs: Amitav Sarkar


  1. It’s a great loss to tollywood industry as well as International film. He will be staying forever in people’s heart.

  2. He will live through his creations and will always be remembered for his groundbreaking approaches that have enriched Indian film industry since 1994.


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