Review of latest Bengali Movie release: Oh! Henry


Director Animesh Roy’s take on a psychologically intriguing yet romantic cinema Oh! Henry has failed miserably not just in the box office but in the expectations of his fans too. This movie if handled with little more fineness could have surely made a mark given the fact that the story line is not as bad.

The story of this latest Bengali Movie release centers on a celebrated author’s obsession with the central character of her award winning novel HENRY. Megh, (actress Locket Chatterjee) who is otherwise a media shy person, agrees to give an interview to Akash( a senior journalist) after winning the prestigious Kolkata Authors’ award.

In the course of the interview Megh falls for Akash envisaging him to be Henry, the perfect man from her novel and even encourages him to engage in a sexual relationship with her which obviously he objects to as he is already in a relationship with Brishti( Puja Bose).

Eventually it is Brishti who bails Akash out of the clutches of the deranged Megh who does not even realize that it is not Akash whom she loves but is obsessed with the idea of the perfect man Henry that she has created in her novel.

Dibyendu Mukherjee playing the role of Akash was expected to shoulder the responsibility of contrasting Megh’s character but has miserably failed in his efforts due to complete lack of emoting skills. Locket Chatterjee as Megh was good in playing her part but could not shine out due to lack of efforts from her co-stars. Makers of the movie had tried to bring it in sync with the taste of today’s cine goers (at least a section of them) with the use of a lot of sexually intimate scenes and slangs but even that failed to glam up the movie.

The movie premiered at Nandan on June 13th amidst the presence of a few celebrated film personalities and musicians like Arindam from band Kaya. In the premiere as well as the movie, the only one bright and shining was the lead actress Locket who had come to the premiere dressed in a blazing orange anarkalee. Dibyendu was in a cool casual Kurta but most of us missed the presence of the gorgeous Puja Bose the most.

Overall, Oh! Henry in spite of all the efforts of the cast and crew has not been able to come up to the expectations of the cine goers. Locket fans may however throng to the theaters to watch their favorite actress sizzle up the screen again.




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