Strict Anti piracy Measures needed to Save the Music Industry


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The music and home video industry in West Bengal is going through its toughest time and striving for survival owing to the onslaught of music piracy, inadequate revenue sharing model by the FM channels and high amount of taxes levied on the hapless music companies. The future looks extremely bleak with the advent of 3G & 4G Technology, as the mushrooming illegal websites will be dominating the music & video download business as there are no proper measures undertaken to check their operations. Employment is getting severely affected as retrenchment has already begun. To address the grim situation that threatens the music industry, the entire musical fraternity of the city comprising of singers, music directors, lyricists, audio company owners & employees today assembled at Press Club Kolkata on their invitation of Eastern India Music & Home Video Producer’s Association.

Eminent Tolywood singers and musicians like Monomoy Bhattacharya, Surajit of Bhoomi, Raghab, Arindam of Kaya, Srikanta Acharya and others were present to show their solidarity towards the cause.

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Eastern India Music & Home Video Producer’s Association also arranged a signature campaign drive at Press Club premises on Friday, 21st June , 2013 and will arrange anti piracy rallies in the near future and submit a deputation to the Hon’ble Governor and Chief Minister of West Bengal.

Today the buyers of audio CDs and movie VCDs/DVDs experience closure of music shops, big and small, which used to do roaring business a few years ago. With Music World about to join the list, the sentiments of the music lovers have been majorly hit. Other leading outlets are selling fashion jewelery, T-shirts, Books, cameras, mobiles, etc to survive and sustain.

“Save Music. Kill Piracy. Support Physical Sales. Save the Industry” – Was the unanimous call from everybody present today at the Press Club.




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