Homage to the Mahanayak of Bengali Cinema : Sholoana Bangaliana’s tribute to the legend

Mahanayak Uttam kumar

Today is Mahanayak Uttam Kumar’s 33rd Death Anniversary and in his fond remembrance lets take a look back at the very day he left us all leaving a great vacuum in the hearts of Bengali Cinema lovers

director bengali cinema Satyajit Ray

 “It is the demise of a leading light of the Bengali film industry…There isn’t – there won’t be another hero like him.” Satyajit Ray– Filmmaker, directed Him in Nayok and Chiriakhana

Tapan Sinha

“I personally felt that the acting of Uttam Kumar could be compared to the best actor of any country. His great attribute is his diligence…Many are born with talent, but the talent gets eclipsed due to the lack of diligence. Uttam Kumar has both of them. Perhaps, that is the reason why he still sparkles.” Tapan Sinha– Filmmaker / directed him in Jhinder Bondi, Joutuk, Jotugriho etc

kolkata bengali cinema actress suchitra sen

“Uttam is my friend. In a word, he is a great,great artist. But still sometimes i feel as if he is not properly exploited.” – Suchitra Sen – Actress / His Heroine in Blockbusters like Indrani, Agniporikkha, Pothe Holo Deri etc

hindi bollywood actress

“Uttam Kumar was the most gifted actor I ever worked with. His first Hindi film, Chhoti Si Mulaqat, was opposite me in 1967…Uttam Kumar was thoroughly professional, cooperative and lip-synced perfectly, especially on “Aye Chand” and “Tujhe Dekha”. He lip-synched songs rendered by Hemant Da, Manna Da and Rafi Saab as if he was singing them. I was criticised for Chhoti Si Mulaqat but Uttam Kumar never criticised me” Vyjayantimala – Actress / His Heroine in his debut hindi film Chhoti si Mulaqat

bengali cinema actor

“Uttam was a great human being…it can easily be underscored — actor of his class is a rare kind” Shakti Shamanta – Filmmaker / Prodcued & directed his  Amanush & Ananda Ashram in both Hindi & Bengali


old bengali cinema actress“…Slowly Uttam Kumar got popular. And a fairy tale was born. I was never bothered to know the individual self of the romantic hero of this fairy tale. I would never want to. What if the dream gets shattered! Let the beautiful spell be alive! Long live Uttam Kumar — The evergreen romantic hero.” Madhabi Mukhopadhayay – Actress / His Heroine in Chhodmobeshi, Sonkhyobela etc

“It feels good to see all praising one. Uttam is one such person…He never had any pose or pretension…God gave him everything but a friend.” Kanan Debi – Actress / His senior in the Bengali Film Industry

Samaresh Basu

“Uttam Kumar, the numero uno hero of Bengal, the most loving.” Samaresh Bosu – Renowned Bengali Novelist / Uttam Kumar acted in “Aporichito” and Kolongkito Naayok which was written by Samaresh Bosu

Bimal Mitra

 “Sri Uttam Kumar is not merely the actor, I regard him as the creator of character. May be as the creator of character, he has achieved such stupendous popularity.” Bimal Mitra – Great Bengali Novelist / Uttam Kumar acted in “Sahib Biwi Gulaam”, a classic written by Bimal Mitra

 Mithun Chakraborty

“Uttam Kumar is my guru. From my childhood, I am a diehard Uttam fan” Mithun ChakrabortyBollywood Actor / Uttam Kumar directed him in “Kalangkini Konkaboti

 Soumitra Chattopadhyay feluda

“Many think that I have always been a sharp critic of Uttam Kumar’s acting. This is not true. I have rarely seen actor of his stature. I have been fan of his acting, his admirer.” Soumitra Chattopadhyay – Actor / His ‘so called’ competitor in the Bengali Industry

 Rajesh-Khanna hindi cinema

“I have seen so many dhuti, kurta-clad Bengalis both on screen and in reality. But Uttam Kumar as the Bengali babu is unique. What I believe is that there is no one who can ever represent the Bengali community like Uttamda did.” Rajesh Khanna – Bollywood Superstar / In the hindi version of Bengali film “Nishipaddo”, titled “Amar Prem”, Rajesh Khanna acted in that Character, which was originally played by Uttam Kumar in Bengali

Shatrughan Sinha

 “Usually, what we find is that the good-looking guys lack substance, or the reverse. But Uttam Kumar had the both…I have always respected that man…when I was at Pune  Film Institute, we used to argue on Dilip Saab – Uttam Da – Raj Saab.” Shatrughan Sinha – Bollywood Actor

 Shashi Kapoor bollywood movies

“My first real meet with Uttam Kumar was in Calcutta and the occasion was the release of my brother’s film “Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hain”.  Hemen Ganguly happened to be the distributor of that film. He used to be the ‘common friend’ of elder brother (Raj Kapoor) and Uttam Kumar. It was my pleasure to see the two greats together. I was awestruck by the royal gaits of the both…I like Uttam Kumar like any common Bengali.” Sashi Kapoor – Bollywood Actor / Director / Producer


This is a small effort by Sholoana Bangaliana to salute the legend, the greatest ever, Mahanayak of Bengali Cinema Sri. Uttam Kumar.


Report compiled by: Sanjib Banerji

Image Credits: Google Images


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