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Director Shyamal Bosu’s Nil Swopno released in Kolkata on July 26th and the premiere was held at Indira Cinema Hall with a modest number of guests and the cast and crew of this new Kolkata Bangla movie.

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The story of Nil Swopno is about a simple village boy Ayan who aspires to make it big in the advertising world and his love interests (Love Quadrangle- to be aptly described). The story was probably meant to bring to the fore, the difference between cities and villages which though well attempted could not be too well presented.

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Director Shyamal Bosu has tried to show his versatility in the movie as not only has he directed the film but has also composed the lyrics and even occupied a major portion of the reel alone, playing the role of Ayan’s elderly father. The film primarily has new comers as the leads which was expected to be the USP of the film and it would have been so had the newcomers taken some acting lessons before signing the movie. Aakash as Ayan, Divya as Rebecca, Moumita as the obsessive Tushi have failed to do justice to the opportunity that they were given. The only “watchable” actress in the movie was Trina, pretty and balanced in emoting skills. She seemed quite promising and surely has a bright future; unfortunately Trina chose to give both the Music launch and the premiere of the movie a miss. Trina was in fact the only actress who looked adorable with Aakash on screen and the pair would have been a hit had Aakash not acted as amateurishly as he has in Nil Swopno.

Dolon Roy and Bhaskar Banerjee, who were definitely not there in the premiere, were good as ever as they not only know their job well, are experienced and cut out for the industry too. Dolon, in fact should have been the lead in the movie and not the lead’s mother. What led Dolon Roy to sign the movie is still a mystery; Mr. Banerjee is the director’s childhood friend and is even playing important roles in the director’s next three projects!

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Mrinal Kanti Gayen who has composed the music of the movie has tried to do his best and we are sure he has a promising future. Nil Swopno may just have been a stepping stone though! The song “Senorita tumi jano” is still hummable while “jonaki mon” is not even ‘watchable’ owed to the lewd picturization along with a not so encouraging composition.

Nil Swopno heroine

Director Shyamal Bosu should have paid attention to a few details and should have at least given the hero Aayan a professional looking camera as he has been shown as a successful professional photographer. Shots, angles, sequences, locations, acting, frames; in every aspect the audience of Bengal expects some more refinement and director Shyamal Bosu is surely capable of some fantastic work.

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Nil Swopno is also Jaipan Industries owner Subodh Chhajer’s debut production and he obviously has high hopes from the movie. The producer however, may have to wait a little longer to taste success and make it big in the industry. Honest efforts are never wasted and Sri. Subodh definitely has honesty of purpose which is sure to lead him to success.

Overall, Nil Swopno may not have really turned out to be that dream project for the entire team but has surely opened up avenues for some talented new comers who are indeed capable of much more.

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