New Kolkata Bangla Movie Ghare and Baire, based on Tagore’s classic; Preview, Cast, Synopsis


new Kolkata Bangla movie director mainak bhowmikMainak Bhaumik is starting his new Kolkata Bangla Movie Ghare & Baire, thematically based on Tagore’s Classic Ghare – Baire, which was previously crafted on celluloid by the maestro himself, Satyajit Ray.

The year was 1984, when Soumitra Chottopadhyay, Victor Banerjee and Swatilekha Sengupta (wife of famous theatre personality Rudraprashad Sengupta) starer Satyajit Ray’s film “Ghare Baire” was released.

Tagore’s story of Ghare – Baire is based on a simple love triangle between Nikhilesh, Sandip and Bimala. The story is set in early 20th century India in the estate of the rich Bengali Landlord Nikhilesh (Victor Banerjee) and in the chaotic aftermath of Lord Curzon’s partition of Bengal into Muslim and Hindu states; the nationalist movement is trying to impose a boycott against all foreign goods (by claiming that imports are at the root of Indian poverty). He lives happily with his beautiful wife Bimala (Swatilekha Sengupta) until the appearance of his friend and radical revolutionist, Sandip (Soumitra Chatterjee). Sandip, a passionate and active man, is a contradiction to the peace-loving and somewhat passive Nikhil. He easily attracts the innocent and unsuspecting Bimala, thus creating a love triangle. Although Nikhilesh figures out what is happening, he is a mature person and grants Bimala the freedom to grow and choose what she wants in life (as their marriage was arranged when she was a girl). Meanwhile Bimala experiences the emotions of love for the first time in a manner that helps her understand that it is indeed her husband Nikhilesh who really loves her. Importantly, Nikhilesh tells Bimala that he would like her to have a life not only inside the home, but outside of it as well — something which was unheard of and in a way controversial too when the novel was written. Though Satyajit Ray planned to make Ghare Baire much earlier with Soumitra Chatterjee (Nikhilesh), Suchitra Sen (Bimala) and Uttam Kumar as the charming Sandip for some reason or the other this dream venture of Ray did not ever get a shape untill 1984, when Uttam Kumar was no more and Suchitra Sen chose a self exile herself. Ray then had to revamp his original casting.

kolkata tollywood hero AbirIt’s now the year 2013 and Director Mainak Bhaumik has decided to craft a contemporary cinematic version of Ghare Baire and the film has been titled as “Ghare & Baire”. Mainak has finalized his lead man and the female protagonist too. After Baieshe Shrabon, the Bengali film audience will yet again see the duo of Abir Chatterjee and Parambrata Chatterjee as modern Nikhilesh and Sandip respectively. The biggest surprise however is the casting of Koel Mallick as Bimala. Keeping in mind the modern urban mindset, Mainak did rename his lead men as Nicky and Sandy but for some unknown reason did not prefer to alter the name Bimala.

This is going to be Koel’s 2nd film with Abir (after “Prem By Chance”) and her 3rd film with Parambrata (after “Hemlock Society” and the unreleased “High-Way”) whereas Abir and Parambrata, the Chatterjee duo would be seen yet again as male counterparts, after ‘Baishe Shrabon’, the Srijit Mukherji blockbuster that was released in 2011.


kahani tollywood bollywood hero parambrataIt seems like Mainak chose his lead men in accordance with their real life images. Abir looks a family man by all means & standards, just identical to Tagore’s and Ray’s Nikhilesh. Abir is also very ethical, calm, cool and composed and above all matured. On the other hand, Parambrata is a true charmer, slightly bohemian & bold by basic nature, rarely gets afraid or even bothered to call a spade – as spade. Param’s bold, charismatic personality will again be seen in Proloy where he will be seen beating up the baddies and risking his life in order to save the honor of women. Koel Mallick is not only gorgeous in terms of looks but also bears a delicate cultural persona, which she inherits naturally from being an offspring of the prestigious Mallick Family. Perhaps Mainak zeroed down on Koel Mallick above Swastika Mukherjee (who has featured in the lead roles in all of Mainak’s movies except his first ‘Aamra) because of Koel’s sophistication and semi-royal upbringing. This is Parambrata’s 3rd film with Mainaik and Abir’s 2nd one while Koel will work with this young director for the very first time in her career.


Renowned vocalist and musician Rupam Islam (of Fossil fame) has been entrusted to compose the musical scores for Ghare & Baire. As learned from the production sources, the film is going to feature at least 8 Rabindrasangeet numbers which are being shortlisted by Mainak and Rupam together. Producer Rana Sarkar is absolutely thrilled about the prospects of this film and feels that this new version of Tagore’s Ghare Baire will surely cater to the varied tastes of the urban audiences.


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Sanjib BanerjiSanjeeb Banerji takes a keen interest in both Old and Contemporary/modern Bengali literature and cinema and have written several short stories for Bengali Little magazines. He also runs a little magazine in Bangla, named – Haat Nispish, which has completed its 6th consecutive year in the last Kolkata International Book Fair. Being the eldest grandson of Late Sukumar Bandopadhaya, who was the owner of HNC Productions and an eminent film producer cum distributor of his time (made platinum blockbusters with Uttam Kumar, like “Prithibi Aamarey Chaaye”, “Indrani” and several others), Sanjib always nurtured an inherent aspiration of making it big and worthy in the reel arena. He has already written few screenplays for ETV BANGLA.

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