New Kolkata Bangla movie Preview: Amra Paanch; Complete family drama and Children’s movie for this Pujo


New Kolkata Bangla Movie

The Bengali film industry has been a matter of discussion for the last few years owed to a new wave of films with compact plots, captivating story lines and melodious tunes. It seems that the golden era of Bengali films is back once again with films like Amra Paanch― a story of five knee high kids who have a lot of things to teach the society. According to Ashis Mitra, the director of Amra Paanch, this new Kolkata Bengali movie is entirely a family drama and has been made keeping in mind the power of children.

The story is set around five school going children, around 11 to 12 years old, who see the world in their own way. They are loved by some at school and others see them as a headache, but this does not set them off the course of doing something good for the society. The five kids have different ethnic origin but find themselves harmonized on one common platform i.e. humanity. It is truly a wonder that how these kids, in spite of all the odds that the society has to offer, upholds that little hope of making the world a better place to live in.

The plot of the film was conceptualized by the producer Mrigendra M. Dhar himself who has long been expressing the desire to make a film which would be quite different from conventional commercial pictures. According to Ashis Mitra the dialogues and screenplay by Sankar Dasgupta have taken the film to a higher level where it would be more appealing to the audience. The music by Sandip Singha is equally mesmerizing and is being released by City Music. The film is going to be a one of its kind as not many have been made emphasizing on the virtues of children and all they are capable of doing.

Handling five kids, in the prime of their adolescence, was not an easy task for the director on the shooting floor. Ashis Mitra opined that it was a wonderful experience to work with five kids, though at times it became quite difficult to cope up with their juvenile indisposition. Sometimes through playfulness and sometimes through parental attitude the kids were oriented to work in front of the camera. But, the most striking part is the director clearly stated that once they realized that the success of the film depended on their performance, all of them worked dedicatedly like professional actors. The director personally visited several schools and took audition of more than a hundred kids before selecting the five shown in the film.

Amra Paanch is a film about children and for children. With a number of well known stars from the Bengali film industry, this film is all set to release just before the Pujas and is likely to become a huge success. It is a complete family drama in which the inherent message of communal harmony and love has been symbolized by five little kids. Children’s power to change the world with love and mould even the toughest mind is the underlying essence of this new Kolkata Bengali movie.

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