Is Kolkata giving a miss to Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express; The cheesy ‘lungi dance’ may be a saving grace

Chennai Express

Chennao Express

Watched the much hyped, Chennai Express. The film’s story is about how Rahul(Shahrukh Khan), gets mixed up in the problems of Meenama (Deepika) and instead of going to Goa lands up in her village to help her. So far all looks well to the audience. The problem starts when SRK boards the train, Chennai Express. It is one mistake after another from here. It is from here the film becomes BOKWAS (Typically in the accent used by Deepika). Repeated references to his earlier films and making stale jokes of many popular scenes are not what one expects from SRK. The man is over the top in most of the scenes. I wonder where the actor who had done films like Chak De, Swades is? This is not the SRK I have grown up watching. Deepika looks good as the South Indian Girl and her accent sounds good. Looking for intellectual element in a Rohit Shetty film is not a good idea, I know that. But unlike his earlier films which were funny in a silly way, this one is unfunny.

The music is nothing out of the blue. The tribute song for Rajnikant “the lungi dance” is a cheesy output. The other item number 1,2,3,4 is slightly better than the other one. The music is simply not pleasing for the ears. The locales are good and have been shot beautifully. However this is a film and not a travel show. Why will one go to the hall simply to watch beautiful locales? The satellite and the internet have made it already possible to see them at home. Despite portraying the role of a sweet seller, SRK fails to mix sweetness in this film which turns out to be stale, bland. Board the train at your own risk because as the jokes which are doing the rounds say, “Chain nai express”.

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