The Light: Swami Vivekanand now Tax-free in Maharashtra too

The Light: Swami Vivekananda tax free in Gujrat and West Bengal
After Gujarat and West Bengal, ‘The Light: Swami Vivekananda’ has been declared tax-free by the Maharashtra government as well.
The film is a biopic on the legendary monk Swami Vivekanada.
The tax exemption has been granted as the film’s main objective is to promote the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. Producer J. Misra, deeply influenced by Vivekananda’s ideologies, made this film to pay a tribute to Swami on his 150th birth anniversary.
Chief Minister Narendra Modi attended a special screening of the film with his cabinet minister. Shri Modi was all praises about the film and was first to grant tax exemption to the biopic.
Talking about being granted tax-exemption in three major states, Producer J.Misra says, “My sole motive behind making this flm is to make it reach to people. And by being granted tax-exemption, I hope the film reaches to a larger audience”
Produced by TriColour Productions Pvt. Ltd., ‘The Light: Swami Vivekanand’ is in cinemas now!

The Light – Swami Vivekananda – Official Trailer (HD) (You Tube)

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