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Bangla Nache Bhangra, director Nandini Sharma’s directorial debut and a Bengali film with a Punjabi flavor has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. There were a lot of apprehensions about this cross-cultural film as not always are such subjects taken up by the Bengali film fraternity and to everyone’s relief, director Nandini Sharma and her team of young bubbly actors has indeed pulled it off quite well.

The movie starring new comers Sayan and Pallavi is based on the tried and tested Raj and Simran hate, love, family and victory of love formula but what makes it different from the blockbuster DDLJ is, here Raj is a Bengali lover boy while Simran is the bubbly Sikhni for whom Raj the Bong goes on to battle, woo and eventually win the tough Punjabis in. The movie with all its romance, fight scenes, heart breaks and beautiful songs has every element to strike a chord with the youngsters of today creating a cultural bridge between Kolkata and Chandigarh.

movie review new bengali movie

Along with an absolutely different treatment in terms of story and concept, the music of the movie is another of its highlights. Pakistani Band Raga Boyz has given the music for this movie which all the more adds to its cross cultural flavor.

New comer Sayan who has been a model for Unish Kudi magazine has essayed the role of the love struck Raj with complete aplomb and his boyish charm and cool casual style is sure to hit off well with the youth. Pallavi, playing the role of Simran can be easily described as the perfect find for the role of a Bindaas yet simple at heart Sikhni. Both Pallavi and Sayan, though new to the industry have indeed done their job well making their director proud and the movie a hit. Pallavi in a blue anarkali and Sayan in denims and a cool jacket looked pretty together and happily posed for photographs and spoke to the media about their hopes and fears for their first movie.

Along with the lead pair, the veterans namely Kharaj Mukherjee, Rajesh Sharma and others have further added to the entertainment quotient of the movie.

Debutant director Nandini Sharma was both quite nervous and excited at the premiere of the movie which was held in Navina Cinema. Producer Nitesh Sharma had sown immense faith in Nandini with this movie and Nandini whole heartedly wanted to come up to his expectations which all the more added to her anticipation. With the film having turned out well, Nandini seemed to be quite relaxed and happy came out smiling eye to eye at the end of the show.

Bangla Talkies had indeed taken a very bold step by treading into quite unknown waters with this cross-cultural movie but seems like, their efforts will pay back well and the production house will get further boost to finance such experimental movie.

Bangla Naache Bhangra (Bengali Movie)(2013) – Theatrical Trailer (HD)  (You Tube)

With the little ignorable flaws and misses that Bangla Nache Bhangra has, director Nandini Sharma has been able to present this beautiful, young and energetic movie in a style that will appeal to the Global Bangali and bring in a wave of change in the industry.

A must watch, this dhak-nagada entertainer will not let your weekend go to waste.

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