Story, Poster: New Kolkata Bangla Movie Saada Kaalo Elomelo; Exposing the meshes of Cyber Crime

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Saada Kaalo Elomelo is another new experimental movie that will bring the creative genius of Sukamal Nath to the fore as this movie is about the woes of cyber crime and stars a host of both, new and experienced actors. In a press conference that was recently held in the city, the cast and crew of the movie spoke at length about their experience of working for this new kind of film.

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The movie is about two friends Angshu and Neel who are also business partners. Though Angshu and Neel are good friends they have absolutely different thought processes and likes and dislikes. While Angshu is the sober guy who respects women and wants to settle down in life with a good girl, Neel is more of the wanton kinds and enjoys flirting around with women and even watching porn movies day in day out.

new kolkata bangla movie

Along with the difference in the inherent nature of the two friends another aspect that has been shown in the movie is the love interest of another young seductress Dipa, who tries to seek Neel’s attention by doing everything that she thinks pleases Neel but unfortunately Neel pays absolutely no heed to her advances and enjoys exploring the world of porn films as usual.

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Angshu, the good boy, eventually meets his dream girl and gets married with dreams of spending a blissful married life. The movie plunges deep into suspense when suddenly Angshu’s  wife Tithi goes missing and the porn film addicted Neel gets a video that features hot bed scenes of a couple, which to Neel’s horror features none other than his dear friend Angshu and his missing wife Tithi. The turns that the lives of Neel, Angshu, Tithi and Dipa take after these shocking events is what makes the rest of the story of Saada Kaalo Elomelo.

This Movie starring Suchanda, Ritesh, Twarita, Laboni Sarkar, Santilal Mukherjee & Biswajit Chakraborty promises to take the audience on a roller-coaster ride and aims to expose the deep meshes of cyber crime and the MMS scandals.

While Bollywood has seen many movies being made on the subject, Tollywood is yet to explore this subject in full swing which all the more sets the expectations high for director Sukamal Nath.


Report and Pics for the New Kolkata Bangla Movie Saada Kaalo Elomelo by: Sagnik Jaiswal




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