New Tollywood Bengali movie ‘The Play’ promotions start, Out of the Box ideas implemented

new bengali movie poster

new movie poster

Kolkata, Sep 3: Innovation is the name of the game today. Antidote Entertainment and Blacksalt Entertainment has taken the game to the next level with two out of the box ideas to promote their upcoming movie The Play.

The producers have undertaken a poster competition for The Play with a moolah of Rs One lakh to be given among the first three winners. The competition has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter handle and is trending at a mad pace. “The response is phenomenal. In the last three four days we have received almost 50 queries of both professionals and amateurs who want to take part in this competition,” said Avishek Tarafdar, Director, Blacksalt Entertainment.

poster of new bengali movie

Director Ranjay RC adds: “The idea is to make the people a part of the creative process of the film without tampering with the content. Tollywood Bengali movie The Play is a whodunit movie in the Hitchcockian flavour and it as our idea to see how and outsider reacts to the advertisement.”

This is not all. The creative team is sketching out a story book for the title credits in the format of a graphic novel which is again a first for Tollywood. The graphic novel format is in rage and a team of 8 creative artists are working overtime to create the title slides. The title rolls will be displayed in a comic book format giving the movie its peppy thrilling pace from the onset.

“The storyboard in the format of a graphic novel has been the brainchild of our creative team. We want to give the film a flavor different from other Tollywood movies,” Ranjay added.

Tollywood Bengali movie The Play is a murder mystery where a famous theatre group headed by AmbikeshSanyal ( Rajesh Sharma) in Kolkata comes to a standstill when members of the group gets killed one by one in the span of one night. The task of finding out the truth falls on Mainak, but the answers he was looking for are not the answers he will get. Will the truth destroy him or just make him stronger?

Find out as The Play begins.

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