Grand Premiere of Satyanweshi: Interesting comments from the audience post movie (Pics)

bengali movie satyanweshi

Priya Cinemas Kolkata on September 5th celebrated the release of Late Rituparno Ghosh’s last movie Satyanweshi. Just like it had happened in all the previous events held for the movie, even here the dominant sentiment was that of nostalgia, a feeling of great loss and anxiety over the turn out of the film.

premiere pics of Satyanweshi

The premier ambience, though not that of complete jubilation was quite a happy one and everyone seemed to be in a rush to watch Ritu Da’s last movie.

Amongst the guests who came for the premiere were Dipankar Dey, Shoojit Sircar, Mainak Bhowmik, Abir Chatterjee (the more fitting Byomkesh), actress Payel Sarkar, Ananya Chatterjee, Arpita Chatterjee and definitely the entire team of Satyanweshi.

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The only question that we had from the guests before the start of the movie was their expectations from the same to which almost synonymously every one said that they were there to watch this movie not because they want to derive anything out of it but just because it is a Rituparno Ghosh Film and living or not, his films are not to be missed at any cost or under any circumstance.

Though the pre-movie recations of the guests were almost the same, the post movie reactions were the most interesting as right from diplomacy, to Ritu loyalty to brand presence to candid opinion, everything was heard in the comments.

tollywood director raj-chakroborty

Tollywood’s leading directors namely, Raj Chakroborty who is still basking in the glory of Proloy(Another Venkatesh Films money spinner), Kaushik Ganguly and Mainak Bhowmick simply got away with “ Fine and I Liked It”.

tollywood hero Jishu-Sengupta

Actor Jisshu Sengupta was seemingly upset about the turn out and candidly said that this is definitely not a Rituparno Ghosh film as had he been there many things which have been missed out in the entire film would have surely been done. “Big Time missed Ritu Da”, said the versatile actor.

Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee, probably gave the best and most non-biased review. As per him, Anindya as Ajit was bad, Arpita Chatterjee was good, Sujoy Ghosh as Byomkesh was ‘Ok Ok’ (Abir is far better a Byomkesh), the Bangali milieu that prevails in the movie was great and definitely missed Ritu Da.

Literally fuming after the movie was Weaver’s Studio owner and ace designer Darshan Shah. Her issues; due credits not given to the brand even though the entire styling and costumes had been done by them, Only ‘Outfit Darshan Shah’ said it all in the title credits. Credits kept apart, missed Ritu da throughout the film, was very very disappointed with the final outcome and definitely Satyanweshi should not have been the great Rituparno Ghosh’s last work.

Kolkata Tollywood bengali actress Payel-Sarkar

The audience coming out of the theater also had mixed views about the movie. While some said that they quite liked the entire treatment, some said that working in such low lights and in such a setting is something that only Rituparno Ghosh could do while some simply said that people will come to watch this movie only because it is Rituparno Ghosh’s last and he had a huge fan following.

Thus amidst high expectations, immense feeling of loss and fallen hopes culminated the premiere of Rituparno Ghosh’s last film Satyanweshi.

Photographs by: Amitav Sarkar


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