Interview: Beautiful Tollywood actress Mumtaz Sorcar; The first Tough Lady Cop of Bengali Cinema

Tollywood actress mumtaz

tollywood actress mumtaz-sorcar

Sesh Anker Khela, the directorial debut of Joydeep Ghosh is a murder mystery that for the first time will be featuring an actress in the role of a tough cop and that tough cop is being played by none other than the very beautiful, ravishing and tough Mumtaz Sorcar. Team Sholoana Bangaliana caught up with the actress as soon as she got a breather from the shoot.

Our first question to Mumtaz was, “Why only Mumtaz in such a role”?

Mumtaz: It is probably because I can identify myself very well with the character as here Aditi Basu the tough IPS officer is totally in control, solving murder mysteries and “kicking people on the wrong side” and just a no-nonsense kind of a character. I too am quite like that, very tough physically as well as mentally due to which everything about such a character comes very naturally to me. In fact, whenever anyone would think of a role like this the first choice invariably has to be Mumtaz due to which probably this too came my way.

Moreover, here it’s a girl as an officer, dominating and intimidating everybody and in control of the situation and such roles give a different kind of high so playing this character is great fun.

We couldn’t help but ask Mumtaz about the costumes (Woolens, leather jackets, woodland shoes, polo Necks) that she has to sport in this movie, that too in this Kolkata Weather.

poster tollywood actress Mumtaz

If you could just elaborate upon your look and costumes in the movie..

Mumtaz: Actually I am stuck with these because of a mishap kind of a thing that happened. Actually we were supposed to shoot in Mirik but due to the unrest there, the location had to be changed. Mirik being a cold place, such winter wear costumes were finalized but due to the last minute change I am now having to feign that I am freezing and sport these clothes in this ‘Beautiful Kolkata Weather’ with heat rashes all over.

(Everything that looks so glamorous and cool on screen may not really be so for the people behind the cameras and we really appreciate Mumtaz for being such a sport and giving her best in spite of such great discomfort)

wallpaper sexy tollywood bengali actress Mumtaz

Mumtaz’s style statement for Pujo was our next question…

Mumtaz: Pujo is just about being your best and being colorful as our tradition inherently is so colorful. Traditional wear without any second thoughts but then again one should dress according to his/her age and should not over dress.   So, my mantra is ‘Experiment but with Style’.

Mumtaz Pujo dress

Just before speaking to the Beautiful Tollywood actress Mumtaz, we even spoke to the director Joydeep Ghosh to know about his thought process while finalizing his main lead for the movie to which he said that Mumtaz Sorcar as my ‘Hero’ was the obvious choice as Mumtaz along with being a trained boxer also has a very athletic look and has that confidence, toughness and style that can shape up this character well. “She exudes that no-nonsense attitude in her very gait in the movie”, said the director.

With an interesting plot, new form of treatment and a promising cast, ‘Sesh Anker Khela’ produced by Joysree Films is expected to give debutant director Joydeep Ghosh a fantastic start.


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Video Interview: Mumtaz Sorcar on the sets of Sesh Onker Khela (You Tube)


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