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Thoughts behind the making of Calcutta 16

A name is something which creates an identity. And it’s the identity which we carry through out our lives. If we carefully feel we could realize how vacant we are without this identity or name, it seems we don’t exist. And it’s the inner selves of us that quietly accepts our identity and blends in. this is where CALCUTTA 16 starts. This cinematic journey is decorated with a collage of characters; those were crafted by Anjan Dutt in his songs. From the corners of Mirza Ghalib Street to the glamorous shelter of “Bar-B-Queue”.  A place we officially know as Park Street or as defined by Anjan Dutt “CALCUTTA 16”. A search for identity, a journey so alone, where everything we have is not ours, every one we have is not their inner- selves. Searching happiness is all we do everyday, every moment we live & here also we did a bit of sour-searching. The soul- searching continues as “CALCUTTA 16” and yes it is a tribute to the maestro  ANJAN DUTT.


A.K.Dey (Amlan Kushum Dey) is a man, in his mid 30’s, who is emotionally struggling to discover his true identity. In his so called life apparently it seems he has everything, a man commonly desires yet he is such a vacuum in his own life.

SAMSON (a close friend to A.K) is his childhood buddy, a former musician, who is living a lonely life with a tragic past that haunts him to his nightmare.

TRISHA (or as her friends call her TRASH) is urban, sophisticated, pretty girl, who is in a relationship with A.K and desperately wants (like many others) him to stop all the weird activities and initiate a jolly, happy life.

All these characters indulge AK to an attempt to explore the real human being, who was quietly sleeping deep within his soul.  And for this soul searching purpose AK had to take a decision, which hits the climax of this film, named “Calcutta 16”.


With all friends around filming was not tough, at the same time was not so smooth as it was the first timer for the entire cast and crew. It was the first time we tasted the beautiful flavor of a film, not to forget a first timer for the camera too (it was bought the day just before the scheduled shoot). A little dream turned big as many dreams came together, many appreciated, others laughed, and at the same time few forwarded their hands of support as well. The only thing we gathered in the process were memories, some sweet, some were not that sweet. Every time we went down we just had to go back home and listen to some vintage AD. (Anjan Dutt). The next day was back on track.


With limited resources every friend known tried their best and some very close ones were ready to submit a chunk amount of time for the acting part. Starting with Sanjib Banerji playing the central character of AK, where as Arnab Bhattacharya plays a pivotal character of Samson. Priya Sarkar enacted the character Trisha in her own way and made it her own. Besides Neha Samkaria, Arimita Ray, Samrat Sengupta and few others also have contributed.


Director of Photography: Ankkit Sengupta

Edit: Arunava khasnobis & Suman Banerjee

Music: melodies created by ANJAN DUTT over a decade.

Produced by Ms. Manjeera Chakraborty & EQ FILMS

Story / Screenplay/Dialogues & Direction: Suman Banerjee

kolkata short film director

Director’s Profile:  Originally from Assansol, Suman Banerjee is a degree holder in Mechanical Engineering but his inner passion for film making could not let him persist with his secured Central Government job with Science City, Kolkata. He joined KFTI to learn Film Direction and got trained by eminent film personalities like Atanu Ghosh, Indrani Halder, Arghya Kamal Mitra and many others. Thereafter he resigned to his engineering job and started his career in filmmaking. Currently he is working as a trainee in the team of renowned filmmaker Suman Ghosh. “Calcutta 16” is Suman Banerjee’s first New Kolkata Short Film, likely to be screened in the 19th Kolkata International Film Festival, which will commence from 10th November 2013.

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