Srijit Mukherji presents Bakita Byktigato; Premiere at Priya Cinema Hall Kolkata

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Priya Cinema again played host to one of the league movies of the year ‘Bakita Byktigato’. The premiere which was more like a friend’s day out was one that saw the presence of most of the intellectual lot of the film fraternity.


The movie which is director Pradipta Bhattacharyya’s directorial debut on a commercial front is a very low budget but marvelously made film which essentially establishes the fact that it’s not the moolah but the mind that creates good movies. The premiere started with a short round of introductions where the very meek and docile Pradipta introduced the cast and crew of the movie to the audience present.


Tollywood’s most favorite director Srijit Mukherjee who is proudly presenting the film took the lead in praising the film. He urged the audience to come and watch the movie and almost gave an assurance that they were bound to like it as this is an absolutely different kind of movie. Srijit also stressed on the fact that since the team could not really invest in expensive promotional campaigns for the movie the audience and press present should extend that bit of support and promote the movie by way of word of mouth publicity.

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Satrajit, the owner of Tripod Entertainment also took the opportunity to thank the team and request the audience to spread the word about the movie. Director Prodipto also took the opportunity to thank his team for all their efforts and hoped that the audience will appreciate all their hard work after watching the movie.

Present at the premiere were some of the director’s close friend and mentors like director Debasish Sen Sharma (of Bicycle Kick Fame) and his wife, the film’s hero Ritwick Chakroborty (looking dapper in denims and a white shirt), Tollywood’s most sought after singer Anupam Roy and new talented singers like Timir Biswas and actress Kanchana Moitro. The star attraction of the premiere (at least for the shutterbugs) however was Rii who looked sexy as ever in an orange knee length dress and matching peep toes and some funky hair accessories.

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Right from Rii to Kanchana to Debasish Sen Sharma everyone echoed the same sentiments that the movie as they know is one with a completely different treatment due to which they are absolutely eager to watch the movie. All the guests present, in their short messages urged the audience to watch more of such experimental films and promote them.

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To the director’s great delight, the post show reaction of the audience was equally favorable and everyone seemed to be coming out of the theater praising the director and the entire team for such a wonderful presentation.

Ritwick Chakraborty in the premiere of Bakita Byaktigoto (You Tube)





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