Durga Puja at Kumartuli Park Sarbojanin Durgotsab 2013; Devi protima Shahashra Bhuja



  Back To The Past

Kumartuli Park Sarbojanin Durgotsab Committee held its first Durga Puja in the year 1993.It was first started by a group of young boys under the guidance of famous Cricketer Padmasree Late Pankaj Lal Roy, Late Ambar Roy, Sree Tarak Banerjee, Sree Jiban Krishna Saha, Sree S.K.Roy, Sree Pradip Roy and many others.

In the year 1995 Kumartuli Park got the most prestigious Sarad Samman Award from Asian Paints and many others which are indicated in our Profile-2013.


  •  At Present

This year we are celebrating our 21st year. We the group of young boys who had started the Puja are middle aged grown up men now, with the support of Mr. Ajoy Ghosh who helped to bring Puja at this level. Although we have gone through many ups and downs in the year’s inbetweens, but Kumartuli Park still has the capacity to attract appox 20000 people per hour during the Puja.


  •  Theme 2013

This year we have brought together the “Dwadash Jyotirlingas” of Shiva which are spread all over India. Among the “Dwadash Jyotirlingas” our artist (Sree Mintu Paul) has created an imaginative “Maha Jyotirlinga” where MAA DURGA in her 1000(Thousand) hands with reside along with her family. (MAA DURGA in her thousand hands is mention in “SREE SREE CHANDI PART 2”) which is enclosed for your ready reference.


According to the (“SREE SREE CHANDI PART 2”) Devi Durga is worshiped as Dwasha Bhuja in West Bengal (Note: – Raja Kangshanarayan was the first to worship Devi Durga at Taherpur. He wanted to worship Ananta Bhuja Devi Durga but since it was difficult to make such a complex idol, he asked Sage Ramesh Shastri to find a solution to the problem. Ascetics Shastri on the basis of the Puranas ordered King Kangshanarayan to build Durga Murti with 10(Ten) hands or Dwasha Bhuja which would not only be easy to make but also maintain Dwash Deek of Bidhan), but she is originally known Shaharsha Bhuja or Ananta Bhuja. This year our idol will be that of Shaharsha Bhuja, We have here tried to interpret that like her every women rich or poor, literate or illiterate have similar Shaharsha capabilities. Women are a part of her and she is a part in every women.

In a way her eminent forces are embedded in women and will always remain the same.




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