New Kolkata Bengali Movie ‘Shobdo Kolpo Droom’; An inspiring script

new kolkata bengali movie

new kolkata bengali movie

New Kolkata Bengali Movie “Shobdo Kolpo Droom”, the title in itself has got the kick to tickle quite an extent of nostalgia in the minds of Bengali urban audiences, especially for all Sukumar Roy lovers.

A script … never heard before … A complete recipe with a perfect blend of courage, determination, luck & power… Story of five bright children who are abandoned in their hostel during their summer vacation due to several reasons…one day they encounter some mysterious strangers in their hostel premises…various questions captivate their little minds regarding the true identities of these strangers.

The tiny detectives then initiate an intensive investigation and gradually proceed to discover that they are encountering a group of dreadful terrorists. The group is being led by a man who is an unusual blend of intelligence & ruthlessness; he is Dr Amlan (Dhritiman Chatterji), the scientist.

The group also includes, the cruel ‘Arham’ (Anindo Banerjee), the ferocious lady ‘Naina’ (Sudipta Chakraborty) & ‘Imtiaz’ (Samadarshi Dutta), who happens to be the youngest in the terrorist group & at the same time is the most psychologically vulnerable individual in the group.

Coming back to the story, the little detectives learn that this terrorist group has got a detrimental mission in Kolkata. The catch is “NEITHER CAN THESE FIVE LITTLE ANGELS SPEAK NOR CAN THEY HEAR” … they forget their disabilities and fight against Dr Amlan’s dangerous terrorist team, standing firm for humanity, the city of joy & the nation as whole ..

Whether or not, these five brave kids could ultimately accomplish their mission is the main attraction of  “Shobdo Kolpo Droom”, the film that speaks about the hidden talents and dedications which often remain unexplored & unsung but are saliently hidden somewhere within our daily life social surroundings only.


  • Naushin as Titli
  • Ankita as Imli
  • Samrat as Raju
  • Suhrid as Piku
  • Soham as Arko

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SanjibSanjib Banerji takes a keen interest in both Old and Contemporary/modern Bengali literature and cinema and have written several short stories for Bengali Little magazines. He also runs a little magazine in Bangla, named – Haat Nispish, which has completed its 6th consecutive year in the last Kolkata International Book Fair. Being the eldest grandson of Late Sukumar Bandopadhaya, who was the owner of HNC Productions and an eminent film producer cum distributor of his time (made platinum blockbusters with Uttam Kumar, like “Prithibi Aamarey Chaaye”, “Indrani” and several others), Sanjib always nurtured an inherent aspiration of making it big and worthy in the reel arena. He has already written few screenplays for ETV BANGLA.
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