Video Interview: Kharaj Mukherjee – One of Tollywood’s most versatile actors; Sesh Anker Khela, Off beat Movies, Jatishwar and more


Up close with Kharaj Mukherjee at the sets of Joydeep Ghosh’s directorial debut Sesh Anker khela. Wearing the khaki uniform, Kharaj looked tired after the hectic shooting schedule. Team Sholoana Bangaliana caught up with him as soon he was free.

You are dressed in khaki uniform so you must be playing the role of a police officer. Tell us something about the character in the film”?

Kharaj: I am playing the role of the sub-inspector of the area where the crime takes place. Janardan Mahto (the name of his character in the movie) is a mediocre but an honest police officer who tries to stop all the crime. But he has a funny side to his character also. He has an affinity for speaking in English. But since he can’t speak English at all, his style of speaking adds a comic element to his character as well as to the film which is otherwise an all in all suspense movie.

Alongside with Kharaj, Mumtaz Sorcar also stars in this film playing the role of a lady cop. For the first time Kharaj Mukherjee is working with the actress.


Share with us the first time experience of working with Mumtaz as a co- star”

Kharaj: She is very serious and sincere about her work and puts in her whole effort in the role. We both gel up very good together. We both discuss about our role and character in between the shots as it helps both of us to portray our characters better.

On this note our next question to Kharaj was “Being a senior actor how are you guiding Mumtaz with her role”?

Kharaj: There is no need for me to guide her. She is a wonderful actress herself and knows her part very well. But we do have discussion about her roles.

What are your upcoming projects”?

Kharaj: many of my films are about to release like Rangbaaz and Khiladi. Other than that one of the films that needs to be mentioned is obviously Jatiswar. Though I am playing a very small role here I enjoyed working in this film and gave my best for my role. Apart from acting I have also sung two songs for the film. Suman dealt very patiently with me (he is talking about Kabir Suman, music director of the film Jatiswar). I am not a professional singer but I did try my best.

“Nowadays in Tollywood there is a new trend of making experimental movies. What is your take on that”?

Kharaj: I feel those movies must be made. Those movies are of a different genre and unlike commercial movies they are not copied. Thus they do have a risk of not being commercially hit.  But those types of movies need to be made.  If you talk about off-beat movies then Bhooter Bhobisyot, Baise e Srabon are also among them but the audience liked those movies. In fact Dev is also working on one such movie Chander Pahar. The role is very different from his other movies. If he can do it then why not others? We like the use of abusive language in English movies but when it comes to Tollywood we become critical. Why so? This needs to change for the betterment of Bengali film industry as our next generation does prefer these experimental off-beat movies.

Kharaj Mukherjee shed light on many important issues. This actor is famous for his comic timing and sense of humor. Now it’s time to wait and see how much the audience appreciates his role in the film Sesh Anker Khela.

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Video Interview of Kharaj Mukherjee at shooting location of Sesh Anker Khela (You Tube)



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