Mirchi Jalsaghar opens up to a rocking start; Cactus and Silajit an instant hit with the audience


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Mirchi Jalsaghar kicked off to an adrenalin rush with Cactus sending the crowd on a spin with songs from their new album “Blah Bhah Blah”.

Talking about the album vocalist Sidhu said: “This album has 8 numbers and follows the genres of alternate rock and new metal. There are rock, ballads, and psychedellic rock rumbers. Besides we have recreated the three songs of Neel Nirjone in the new sound. Hope you liked it.” They signed off with the release of the cover for their new album.

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Rupankar became nostalgic about jalsaghar and remembered his childhood days. “There are innumerable memories attached with the word jalsaghar. Mirchi has raised the bar several notches by creating Mirch Jalsaghar,” said Rupankar, as the crowd swayed to his rendition of gobhire jao!

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Earlier, the programme was jet set by the electrifying pair of Ankush and Nusrat who lighted the ceremonial lamp to inaugurate the second edition of Radio Mirchi Jalsaghar.

When singer, composer, actor Silajit took the stage, the storm outside had receeded and a new storm was brewing inside. The infectious tunes and magnetic charisma of Silajit left the audience in a trance. His interaction with the crowd brought them to their feet and ‘Jolphoring” and ‘Jhinti’ send the audience into raptures.

mirchi jalsaghar

Last but not the least was Lakhichara and the band true to their repute ended day one of Mirchi Jalsaghar on a high.

Photographs By: Sagnik Jaiswal

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