A Bangla Band that Believes in “Liberation through Music” – Baulana; (Sholoana Talents)

bangla band

BAULANA is a team of prominent and dedicated musicians who have come together to promote the FOLK MUSIC of Bengal. The concept of Baulana was initiated by Supratim Chowdhury (founder member) and has gradually taken complete shape as a Bangla Band with the help of present team members of Baulana. Baulana’s music depicts the core concept that, music is itself a path to self realization and spiritual liberation. This very concept of self realization has always been revealed as the core philosophy in most of the traditional compositions of the Folk traditions of Bengal.

The team members of Baulana are sincerely trying to develop their composition in conventional folk pattern mixed with western instrumentation effects which altogether creates a transcended state in the minds of people  and takes them on a Journey to “Self”.

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