Kolkata Theme Puja: Bhawanipore 75 Palli Durga Puja theme ‘Mayer Aanchal’ by artist Somnath Mukherjee

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bhawanipore theme puja

Bhawanipore 75 Palli Durga Puja which has time and again created Theme Puja Mandaps that are not only unmatched in beauty but in craftsmanship too has yet again come up with an absolutely new theme ‘Mayer Aanchal’

The Mandap that is being designed by Somnath Mukherjee will be an all encompassing 5 km long weave signifying the sacred Aanchal of Shaktirupena. The ensemble of threads that is set to give shape to this majestic Aanchal also signifies unity of mankind and gives the message of unity in diversity just like the threads of various girths and colors come together to give shape to a strong and beautiful piece of cloth.

theme puja artist somnath mukherjee

The entire mandap will be a showcase of every aspect of the weaving process that eventually results in a beautiful sari. The Mandap installations will also help in reviving the lost glory and demand of hand woven cloth or Taant said the artist. Artist Somnath also said that he does not work for big awards as today a Puja Committee without any big fat awards is really unheard of which has apparently eroded away that sense of competition. He also tried to explain to the audience present in the press meet that when comparing Theme Puja mandaps one should not compare a Puja that has been organized with an investment of 1 crore with one that has been organized only with a sum of 10 Lakhs as obviously with the investment the designing also becomes more complex and intricate.

The committee members also thanked and praised the state government and specially the Chief Minister of West Bengal Ms. Mamata Banerjee for all the support that she has been extending to various Pujo Committees all across Bengal and to show their solidarity with the government even the lightings that will be done during the Puja will be all in blue and white.

Bhawanipore 75 Palli is thus ready to welcome Maa Durga in the year 2013 with a very humane thought and honest feelings and sincerely hope that their efforts will reach out to the masses and invoke in them a sense of universal brotherhood, peace and unity.

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