ABP Ananda celebrates 60th year of Bengali classic ‘Saare Chuattor’ with animated re-presentation

abp ananda telecast

abp ananda telecast

This year ABP Ananda celebrates the 60th year of Saare Chuattor, one of the finest of all time favorite Bengali classics through a 4 episode audio visual presentation entitled Mess Barir Puja. The story is based on the narrative structure of Saare Chuattor..(Remember the mess of Rajanibabu and a bunch of bachelors)…where enters Ramola like a whiff of fresh air. Here, the name of the house is Aashare Chuattor. The name rightly justifies the activities that take place here.

ashare chuattor

The surprise lies in the cast of the show. Any guess ?  Yes..The masters like Uttam Kumar, Suchitra Sen, Tulsi Chakraborty, Bhanu Bandopadhyay, JaharRoy, Molina Debi and the list continues..

Jawdropped? Dumbfound?Taking it as a joke?

Relax..It is neither false nor true either. All the characters are present in the film, but in the form of animation. The animated characters move in the real background. This is happening for the first time with such a classic in Bengali Television. And the visionary of the project is none other than film maker Debasish Sen Sharma, who is known for his feature film Bicycle Kick and many documentaries and television shows. The entire animation part is engineered by HiTech Animation studio, who has been experimenting with different animation projects in Kolkata for quite some time now.While Debasish was asked about why this story, he seemed a bit nostalgic “The first film I conceived was based on Saare Chuattor, a tribute to the classic. This is like my stage rehearsal to launch my next film”.

movie shooting

The most interesting part of the film lies in its shooting technique. It was shot with a bunch of real life characters only to be replaced by the animated models of Tulsi Chakraborty, Uttam Kumar, Suchitra Sen and others. So all the actions are there in the video as a reference of the character movements.We found the director in the set busy instructing the actors while the animation supervisor was busy calculating the focal length between the character and the camera; A tedious task indeed!

debasish sen sharma

It is said that cinema itself is magic but what if the real meets the unreal? The magic is simply enhanced. We thank the director Debasish Sen Sharma and his entire team for bringing back the eternal Bengali nostalgia…the  lost world of Saare Chuattor…in Bengali Television. Kudos to ABP Ananda for supporting such an innovative attempt and giving the audience of Bengal interesting things things to look forward to this Durga Puja.

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Ashare Chuattor shooting with Debasish Sen Sharma and Team (You Tube)


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