Interview: Arijit Dutta- An Actor, Entrepreneur and Wildlife Enthusiast talks about his passion, Bollywood projects and New Bangla Movies


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October 17 is the birthday of Mr. Arijit Dutta, who Tollywood lovingly calls as “Dadul da” and to celebrate his birthday, we take this opportunity to upload an exclusive video interview of Dadul da, which he gave to

Arijit Dutta is the chief executive officer of Priya Entertainment Private Limited, which includes the co-ownership of Priya Cinema Hall, located in Deshapriyo Park.  In this interview, Dadul da frankly spoke about his mission & vision regarding Bangla movies and also about new artistic talents in Bengal.

SB: Welcome to, Priya Entertainments has organized an exhibition to celebrate the 100 years of Indian Cinema, today we are speaking to Dadul da about the same. Dadul da, tell us your thought process behind organizing this exhibition.

Arijit Dutta: They are two very talented young painters from the suburbs areas of Sonarpur & Baruipur. They met me in my office and said that they have done few special paintings on 100 years of Bangla cinema. They were looking for a suitable venue to showcase the paintings for general public. Then I suggested them that the best venue for showcasing such topical paintings would be the theaters, where like minded people visit more often. I offered them to exhibit the paintings in Priya Cinema and Axis Mall- Bio-scope, in weekly turns. They did agree to my proposal and things worked out in accordance to our plan. They have put their serial numbers & price tags on the paintings; if someone wishes to buy any of those then he/she might get in touch with the painters directly.

SB: Apart from this, what else are you doing to promote the new talents from Bengal in the fields of art, culture and music? 

Arijit Dutta: I cannot do much for the musicians as such as I don’t own a full-fledged production house. If I would had owned one then certainly I would have worked with new faces. I wouldn’t have touched someone, who is even three or four film old unless I knew about the demands of my script. Nevertheless, I still try to give exposure to young & budding talents by creating opportunities for them to perform, whenever I get such a scope in any programs, which take place in any of my complexes.

SB: We all know about your love for wildlife as we keep on seeing your photographs in the craziest of wild locations. Tell us about your next adventure trip.

Arijit Dutta: Next in the pipeline is a trip to South Africa for the shooting of ‘Chander Pahar”. My favorite season is advancing gradually, i.e the winter! My favorite forests are Indian forests, especially up the hills. So, quite a few forest trips have been scheduled during the winter season and I am looking forward to those.

SB: We will certainly be waiting to see some fascinating Facebook updates in forms of photographs from your end, after those trips.

Please tell us about the background story of your selection in Shoojit Sircar’s “Madras Cafe”. How did Madras Cafe come your way?

Arijit Dutta: It happened in a most unplanned manner. We were in a party and after a couple of drinks, Shoojit came to me, tapped on my shoulder and asked “aamar jonne ekta chhotto role kore debe?” Vicky Donor was still the talk of the town then. So, I happily agreed. Then he returned back to Mumbai. After a month I received a call from him and he requested few photographs of mine, preferably in fatigues & Gandhi Spectacles. I got the required photo shoot done by my photographer friend Dev Satpathy and forwarded those to Shoojit via mail. Reply came back as “fantastic”. Then after a month, he called me and informed me officially about the film and my character in detail. Rest is history and everyone knows by now.

SB: After Madras Cafe, are you doing any other Bollywood projects currently?

Arijit Dutta: Lets see. Cannot comment right now… At the end of the day, a director has to see me onscreen and thereafter if he/she feels that I am capable enough to handle a character then I will be obliged to do so and accomplish my job as an actor.

SB: What about your forthcoming Tollywood projects ? 

Arijit Dutta: Just completed the shoot of Raja Sen’s film, titled “Khancha”. There is Director from South India, named Gopi … he wants to do a remake of his own South Indian hit film in Bengali. Talks are on with him … will let you know when things take proper shape.

SB: Some off-track films have really done superbly both at the box office, award ceremonies as well as at the National film circuit. Films like Bhooter Bhobisyot and Shobdo have got National recognition. Your views on this upsurge of Tollywood…

Arijit Dutta: The future of Bangla cinema is always bright as far the urban films are concerned. The mainstream commercial movies are not carrying the legacies of Bangla cinema any further. Maybe those films are big money spinners in the Industry but those films do not cater to the genre for which Bangla cinema is known for over the years, both nationally & internationally. Hence, the future of Bangla cinema essentially remains secure in the hands of urban filmmakers. Now that these urban genre films are doing so well, I guess the future of Bangla Movies is on the right track.

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Mr. Arijit Dutta has always been a strong supporter of all forms of art and culture and in more ways than one has supported many a budding talents and fledgling organizations enabling them to make a place for themselves in the industry. We would like to Thank Mr. Dutta for taking out time from his busy schedule to speak to the team of Sholoana Bangaliana.

Video Interview : Arijit Dutta talks about his new projects and Bollywood movie Madras Cafe (You Tube)



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