‘ Fossils 4 ’ launched by Rupam Islam’s Bangla Band Fossils; Digital Media at the helm in promoting the new Rock album

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City Center 2 Rajarhat Kolkata reverberated with the sounds of ‘Joy Rock \m/’ on the evening of October 19th as it played host to the album launch of Bangla Rock Band Fossils’ brand new album ‘Fossils 4’ which was followed by an electrifying live performance by the this highly popular Bangla Rock band.

Before performing for the audience and releasing the album with the fans, a formal press meet was organized wherein the band spoke at length about how and why this album is new and different.

Fossils 4

Fossils 4 has many unique things about it but the two most important aspects that deserve special mention are the facts that the album has been produced by the Band Fossils itself and the copy and publishing rights lie solely with the band and not with any music company and that this album is one of the very first in Bengal to have been first released over the internet via web streaming and then in the form of physical entities as CDs.


INRECO (Hindustan Records) one of oldest music companies of India that is now at the helm of following and adapting the best of digital mediums for the sale and distribution of music released under their banner is supporting ‘Fossils 4’ for distribution, marketing and manufacturing and it is with their endeavor and efforts that the of web streaming and web launch of the album could be executed so well, further making way for the album’s raging success.

The album ‘Fossils 4’ has eight songs of which one is an instrumental track and the music treatment for the entire album has primarily been kept organic so that the audience can get the feel of the electrifying live performances that they can so well connect to, especially in the case of Fossils. Along with all its other novelties, Fossils 4 has made yet another breakthrough in experimenting with the basic elements of creativity by designing and creating the album cover using pictures taken from the iPhone of a Band member during their various tours and concerts. The lyrics of the songs as Rupam Islam says, is for ‘humans only’ and should not be classified or grouped under any age group, nation or genre. The band only hopes that their fans and listeners will derive nothing but sheer untamed pleasure out of the audio tracks of this album. Rupam Islam’s personal favorite in the album however is a song titled “Bandor”.

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After the brief interaction with the press it was time for some real action and the band wasted no time in taking the stage that was eagerly waiting for them in the premises of City Center 2. Rupam Islam, who knows the art of connecting with his fans well, called upon new bands like Blood, Addiction, Calcutta Blues and such others who had come to witness the show to share the stage with Fossils and present the album Fossils 4 to the fans and audience. Following this brief round of formality the show or precisely the ‘music madness’ continued in full swing with Fossils belting out one hit after the other.

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Having witnessed the site at the concert arena, Rupam Islam’s claims of this album hitting a record high in terms of appreciations did not in any way seem to be an exaggeration. With the kind of response ‘Fossils 4’ is receiving after having adopted the ways of the web media the future of the music industry is definitely looking bright and now there are more reasons to celebrate the power of music than to lament over the closure of Music World Kolkata.

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Fossils 4 Music Album launch and Live Performance, Kolkata (You Tube)


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