Rituparna Sengupta launches ‘Tantra and the Tantrika’ by Karan Razdan; An engaging tale of mysticism and love

Tantra and the Tantrika

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Actress Rituparna Sengupta was present at the launch of Karan Razdan’s book, Tantra and the Tantrika at Oxford Bookstore, Kolkata. Shray Jain of Atlantic Book House, the publishing company was also present at the event.

Karan Razdan is famous for directing films with controversial themes like Girlfriend  (2004), Hawas  (2004), Souten: The Other Woman (2006), and the writer-director of  the hit TV series of mid-80s, Rajani. Now, Karan Razdan has turned writer with Tantra and the Tantrika. This is his debut book and the book has been brought out from Atlantic Bookhouse.

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The book revolves around three main characters and the stage where the drama unfolds is Varanasi. Megha is a prostitute who achieves enlightenment by practicing tantric techniques of sex, meditation and yoga. She sees through the Maya (the illusion of materialism and attachments) that we are all caught up in, and thus realizes the truth behind man’s circle of life and death. Her journey enlightens us about many secrets of the universe. She changes from a flesh worker in to a Gurumaa, who preaches to motley groups about Tantra. She is now a Tantrika.

Yogi Mahendranath, the young thirty year old Tantrik has put in years of penance, hath yoga and worshipping Mahakali to burn his past karmas and achieve Siddhis, that is Enlightened powers. Susan is a seeker who travels from England to India in search of peace, love and a glimpse of nirvana. She first becomes a disciple of the Yogi, practices tantra with him. Then she is attracted to Megha Gurumaa and deflects to follow Megha’s path. All three are very intense characters. They fall in love, and then relive their past lives (reaching back a thousand years) to know the truth about each other’s love and the deceit that followed. Coming back to the present day they fight a battle to achieve Susan.


Speaking on the occasion, the actress said “I have not gone through the book but I will be reading it. This is an interesting novel and I have no ideas about Tantras. Karan should have published a book many years before. He has great potentials which are evident from the scripts that he has written over the years. I wish him all the luck”. Rituparna looked stunning in the black dress that she wore to the book launch. She made quite a fashion statement with her red chunky ring on her index finger and the long dangling earrings.

Karan Razdan also hinted at the fact that a film based on this book is on the cards and discussions are going on. If things go well, the writer will be directing the film and chances are there of Rituparna playing one of the lead characters in the film.

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