New Kolkata Bangla Movie Anya-Na: Movie Review, Poster, Premiere pics; Nigel yet to go a long way

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Anya Na The untold saga of a woman’s sacrifice that lies hidden within the nooks and crannies of our society is what makes Patha Sarathi Joarder‘s new Kolkata Bangla Movie Anya-Na.

A simple homely well-educated lady Ananya played by (Ananya Chatterjee) who is happy and quite satisfied being a home-maker is regularly looked down upon for just being a home maker and not putting in any extra effort to financially support the family of five. Aloke (played by Nigek Akkara) is Ananya’s husband who is too busy running after his dreams of becoming a successful film-maker to even notice and understand the basic psychological and physical needs of his doting wife and it is his aspirations and dreams that eventually force Ananya to completely lose herself and transform into something that she could never accept. Aloke realizes his dreams at the cost of Ananyas’ and blinded by all the success, he along with his entire family very selfishly push Ananya to live and accept a life of obscurity. Aloke eventually realizes his dreams and also his mistakes but will Aloke ever be able to repair the damage done is what makes the rest of the story.

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Ananya Chatterjee, who as even Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui says, deserves to be in Bollywood owed to her refined acting skills has definitely played her part beautifully; her eyes doing most of the talking. The entire film practically moves on her shoulders and she can be well called the ‘Hero Of Anya-Na’.

Nigel Akkara, who looked quite well-placed for the role of Aloke has done a pretty good job and is natural in most of the scenes. However, if Nigel can work a bit more on his emoting skills, he can definitely go places in the industry and with mentors like Ms. Alokananda Roy (who was also present in the film’s premiere to support Nigel) this is surely not going to be a tough task.

Koneenica Banerjee, who was recently in news for her successful stint at the Bangla Bigg Boss plays a negative role in the movie which again has been quite well executed. Though Koneenica could not attend her premiere due to her busy schedule, her fellow Bigg Boss house contestant and one of Tollywood’s most prolific actors Rudranil Ghosh definitely made up for her absence. Rudranil, dressed in his usual black was all praises for the movie and specially Nigel. While speaking to Sholoana Bangaliana he even said that he personally liked the story and the rest he would leave to the audience to decide the fate of the movie.

The clever use of colors depicting various phases of Ananya’s life and the transformations is also quite interesting and the contrasts strongly support the scenes and the flow of the story. Talking technically, the film tends to drag in a few places and a crisper editing could have decreased the length of the film at least by twenty odd minutes. The close shots looked imposed upon which would again mark down the camera work tagging it as very ordinary.

The logical acceptance of the plot is one aspect which am sure the viewers will have questions about. The mere fact that an educated woman who belongs to a financially sound (if not well to do family) is forced to take up prostitution as her profession just because her family wants her to take up a job may be quite unnatural and unacceptable to the urban audience. This very aspect of the movie, even if not seen from a very feminist point of view totally goes against the very ethos of today’s society where qualified women are marching ahead of their male counterparts in achieving dignified positions in their respective professions and for that matter even managing their families well.

This is just one point that I had a strong urge to talk about though the movie is replete with many such illogical portrayals. Well, considering the fact that cinema is not supposed to be ‘real’ a section of the audience may want to overlook this aspect.

The music does not strike a chord at all and the background score could have been more mellowed down to go with the serious subtle feel of the movie.

With Ananya at the helm, director Partha Sarathi Joarder has been able to pull it off well and though not a huge chunk but a section of the audience who have complete faith in Ananya as an actress and are curious about Nigel’s progress in the industry will surely enjoy watching this movie.

Premiere of New Kolkata Bangla Movie Anyo Na (In Pics)

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