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Tridha Choudhury

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Team Sholoana Bangaliana recently spoke to the beautiful Tridha Choudhury who shot to fame with her debut movie Mishawr Rawhoshyo wherein she plays the role of Rini, Santu’s love interest, about her career aspirations, next project, academic pursuits and everything that the off-screen Tridha is or wants to be.

Tridha, whose tryst with the glam world started with winning the Clean & Clear Calcutta Times Fresh Face 2011 is one who landed up into the glam world not by conscious choice but by sheer providence as even though an Odissi dancer and quite a popular girl at school, she has always been more into studies and was definitely aiming for a career in the sciences due to which she had taken up Microbiology as her subject for graduation and is currently in the final year of the course in Scottish Church College Kolkata.

After the success of Mishawr Rawhoshyo, Tridha is now looking forward to newer roles and challenges which will help her groom herself as an actress as she definitely does not want to stick with the image of Rini and wants to move on and prove her mettle in acting. Tridha already has a few Bollywood projects in her kitty and her fans will soon be able to see her opposite some of the most popular names in Bollywood today.

Tridha’s love for Srijit Mukherji films started right from the Autograph days and when asked about her experience of working with stalwarts like Prosenjit Chatterjee and Sijit Mukherji, Tridha gave a very interesting answer. “It felt like I was lost in a chocolate factory, with all of the world’s goodies at my disposal and indeed a dream come true”’ was what this beautiful youth icon had to say.

Trdiha, having worked in one of the Bengali block-busters and even in a few South films feels that no region can actually divide the art called ‘cinema’ as it is all about expression of thoughts but yes if one has to analyze the trend that we are witnessing in Bengali cinema then saying that there is a new wave coming in would definitely not be an exaggeration. Though a very comfortable and easy going journey till now, the only difference that Tridha has noticed between the regional industries that she has worked in till now is the pace of work which as we would all agree is slower down East.

After Mishawr Rawhoshyo, Tridha’s next Tollywood project is ‘Jodi Love Dile Na Prane’ which is being directed by director duo Abhijit Guha-Sudeshna Roy. In this movie Tridha is playing the role of Aaheli, a character that is totally different from Rini that she played in her debut movie Mishawr Rawhoshyo or even for that matter very different from what Tridha herself is. As the gorgeous lady sees the character, Aaheli who is a ‘Probashi Bangali’ (a Delhiite) is very close to her Bangali roots and holds on to that Bangaliana feel. Aaheli is also very close to her mother and her fashion trends are also highly influenced by that of her mothers’ thus giving her that very Bong Beauty look.

When asked about her thought process while selecting scripts, Tridha, unlike most other actors gave a very different answer and said that it is not possible to select a script basis just one aspect of it like the director or the story or the production house and one has to just chalk out the right equation to ensure success in the long run. Now that she has taken up acting as a serious profession, the ‘Clean & Clear’ girl feels that at least for her next three-four films she will have to be very careful about the package she selects so that she can stay at the top of the mind of the audience.

I am Going to take life as it is coming” was Tridha’s reply when asked about her future plans. Well, with that she even said that now that she is into acting she would definitely like to work in many more good movies and is taking this profession very seriously.

A Sushant Singh Rajput fan, apart from working in films and analyzing microbes in the lab, Tridha enjoys eating, swimming and just being lost in her own thoughts and introspecting whenever she gets some time off her busy schedule.

The most interesting part of the conversation came right at the end when Tridha said that having been in the company of Srijit Mukherji for some time now, she has come to a state where she thinks and dreams cinema all the time. Its angles, characters, shots and plots that clouds her thoughts all the time so much so that even if she is reading a Harry Potter book she tends to create a Bangla version of it and starts placing various actors in various roles and creating a world of fantasy. Seems like the lady has developed a rooted interest in cinema and the finer aspects of the art!

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With this interesting bit shared, Sholoana Bangaliana ‘s adda with the gorgeous Tridha Choudhury came to an end.

Sholoana Bangaliana wishes Tridha the very best for her future and hopes that her fans will be able to see her soon in some good Bollywood projects (of course opposite Sushant Singh Rajput) and even in more of new age Bangla Movies.

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