Bollywood actress Hema Malini in Kolkata for Tridhara Sammilani’s “Bijoya Sammilani”


hema malini in kolkata

Out of the box themes and great design of the pandals are the two pillars on which the fame of Tridhara Sammilani depends. The puja committee recently organized a Bijoya sammilani at the Durga puja premises. Present at this event was actress Hema Malini, Kolkata’s pride Usha Uthup, Nirmala Mishra, artist Gouranga Quilla, Mayor Sri. Shovon Chattopadhyay and Anupam Dasgupta of Tridhara Sammilani.

Kolkata Bengali singer Nirmala Mishra

The puja committee felicitated singer Nirmala Mishra for her outstanding contribution in the world of music. “I am humbled on being awarded such an honor by the puja committee” said the singer. The singer who was much bereaved at the passing away of another eminent singer Madhuri Chattopadhyay hummed a few lines of a song (Ami haraye phelechi ganer sathi re, gaite amare bolo na) sung by the late singer.

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In a blue sari and matching jewelry that made her look charismatic as ever and justified her Dreamgirl nickname, Bollywood actress Hema Malini also attended the Bijoya Sammilani. Hema Malini who was in Kolkata to perform for the Friends of Tribal Society was pleased to be a part of this event too and expressed her gratitude. “Coming to this city has been always special and coming to attend Durga puja events gives a good feeling” said the actress.

Dhamayel dance

Apart from the formal proceedings of the event, Lokochondo, a dance group also performed at the event. The dance group which has been performing in various parts of the country and also abroad showcased some dance forms which are not so heard of by the people. The group performed Dhamayel, a sixteenth century dance performed exclusively by women. Raibeshe, the other dance form performed by men showcased the male strength and vigor. The dance group also enthralled the audience with their performance of a hunting dance called Shikari.

Gouranga Quilla who was the behind the wonderful pandal of the puja committee was presented with a check of fifty thousand rupees. He was also declared as the artist for this Puja Committee in 2014 also.

Tridhara’s Bijoya Sammilani was a fitting end to this year’s Durga Puja celebrations in the city.

Priyanka Dutta

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