Bengali Audio Songs Album Rohoshyo released at Gallery Gold; Aatman Audio supports the venture


Bengali Audio Songs

Aatman Audio’s latest Bengali Audio Songs album Rohoshyo was released recently in the presence of Reshmi Chatterjee, Sidhartha Ray (Cactus), Somnath Ghosal and Suman at Gallery Gold in Kolkata.

Human psychology is a very interesting topic. The album Rohoshyo deals essentially with the different aspects of the human psychology. The variety of emotions that goes in the mind of the individual has been brought out in this album. The album has seven songs-Tumi Kothay, Bidaay, Shasti, Baburam, Flashback, Rohosyo and Rohoshyo mash-up. The songs have been written and sung by Suman himself. Speaking on the occasion, Suman said “This is my solo album and I am very excited. I can feel butterflies in my stomach. This album is a very direct way of attacking the hypocrisies of the human psychology. We pretend something in front of others and we behave differently once they are not present. This behavior is a part of human psychology and hence this album”. The artist also focused on the fact that the audience and the music fraternity together must unite to change the face of the music industry in Bengal.

Sidhartha Ray aka Sidhu of Cactus band highlighted on the aspect that the amount of money that is spent on film music album is seldom spent on a non-film music album. The amount of labor that goes into making film music and non-film music is the same hence both should get the due appreciation. But the difference in budget has led to the rise in popularity of the film music and the lack of popularity of the non-film music. There will again be a revival of the non-film music with the active participation of new artists and the music companies. In the early nineties it was non-film music that was leading the music scene but now the scenario is completely different but a change is inevitable. The singer feels that there will be a revival of non-film music with proper investment in this field.

Bengali Audio Songs Album Rohoshyo

Rohoshyo deals with the mysteries of the human mind. This will be an interesting album to listen to and will enthrall the audiences for sure.

Priyanka Dutta

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