“Sachin Tendulkar should be the Global Ambassador for Sports post retirement” , says Rahul Bose


Rahul Bose

Rahul Bose, who is popularly known as an accomplished actor is also a sports freak and enjoys playing Rugby and takes keen interest in closely following the activities of the Indian Cricket Team. And now that Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar has announced his retirement and is currently playing the 199th Test match in the Eden Gardens Kolkata, Rahul Bose shared his thoughts about Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement and his future in sports.

When asked about his thoughts of Sachin’s retirement, Rahul said that though the very thought of  not being able to see the Little Master’s magic on the grounds is painful, the fact that Sachin is retiring in élan is quite gratifying. Rahul feels that Sachin has taken the decision of retiring from cricket at the right time as by doing so he will always be able to maintain that untarnished reputation in the hearts of millions of his fans. Having retired at the right time with so much experience and so many great performances Sachin will be able to permanently secure his place as the undisputed king of Cricket and will continue to rule the game even when off the field.

Rahul Bose also feels that after retirement Sachin Tendulkar should not take up any particular position that only benefits cricket but should work as the Global Ambasador for Sports (Of all Kinds) as he epitomizes the spirit of sportsmanship, leadership and team work.

Rahul Bose himself runs a foundation to help spread the light of education in different parts of the country and Sachin Tendulkar has very generously contributed to his foundation in more ways than one; the bat that Sachin had donated to the foundation had helped generate a huge sum to support the activities of this wonderful group. Rahul has also been the captain of the Indian Rugby team and has represented the country in various international tournaments and he definitely feels that with Sachin at the helm of promoting and supporting sports, even his dreams of establishing Rugby as a popular sport in India will not be too far reaching a dream.

Having heard such wonderful words for Sachin, the obvious question that arose for Rahul who essentially is a Bengali and is considered a ‘Calcutta Boy’ was his thoughts about Saurav Ganguly’s next act in the field of cricket. Interestingly enough, Rahul said that a man of Saurav’s caliber and talents can practically be and do anything and he can excel in all aspects of cricket, be it as an administrator, a selector, a strategist, a commentator or for that matter the coach of the Indian Cricket Team.

This conversation with Rahul Bose gave an absolutely new perspective about how the world perceives the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement and where can Sachin fans expect to see him ten years down the line.

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Rahul Bose Talks about Sachin Tendulkar’s post retirement role (You Tube)


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