New Bangla Movie The Play Music Launch; Team excited about the innovative presentation

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Noir style and graphic novel to give The Play a director’s cut in debut movie. New Bangla Movie The Play Music Launch held in Princeton Club Kolkata recently saw the presence of the entire team along with the gorgeous Mumtaz Sorcar.

The Play is a murder mystery. The genre we have touched upon is not being touched by too many filmmakers in Tollywood. It’s a psychological thriller in the Freudian genre, but at the same time it doesn’t take the usual route of mind games only. This film will surely complicate things as it moves on with each character bearing a shade of grey. There has been serious experimentation with the look of the film to give it that dark grungy touch and also it has got a feel of neo noir style movies.

Bengali Audio Songs of The Play

The USP of this film is the story, blending a theatre group with the thriller element was quite a task, but it was carried out with élan. A famous theatre group ravaged by a series of incidents in a span of one night is what surely will thrill the audience. We are going to take the audience through these incidents and make them uncover the mystery rather than just sit through and wait for things to happen. Most of the thriller films in Bengal deal with an investigation but this time we will let the audience investigate as The Play begins this November.

Speaking further about the film, director Ranjay RC said: “The characters in the film are like a placid pool with a whirlpool at its heart. This under current and constant shift between the positive and negative makes the film an edge of the seat thriller. The first baby is always precious. We have tried to treat with utmost care.”

“As you will notice the film’s sub-title is chena mukh achena mukhosh. This gives us a hint at the multi-layered characterization in the film. Everyone has done a tremendous job. They have gone out of their way to help and I am grateful to them for their support,” he added.

Bengali Audio Songs of The Play

This is not all. Antidote Entertainment and director Ranjay RC are planning something avant garde. Ranjay, an accomplished sketch artist, is putting together a graphic novel to be given out at the Premiere. He is sketching out a story book in the format of a graphic novel which is again a first for Tollywood. The graphic novel format is in rage and he is working overtime to create a book to be distributed during premiere. The title rolls will also be displayed in a comic book format giving the movie its peppy thrilling pace from the onset. The entire objective of this campaign is to make sure the comeback of commercial art using crokel nib, black chinese ink, linocut, lithography etc.

“The storyboard in the format of a graphic novel has been our brainchild. We want to give the film a flavour different from other Tollywood movies,” Ranjay added.

Photographs By: Amitav Sarkar



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