Interview: Suman Ghosh; New Bangla Movie Kadambari, The director’s journey so far and more (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)


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New Bangla Movie Kadambari

Suman Ghosh, the National Award winning director is now busy shooting his new Bangla Movie Kadambari that stars Parambrata Chatterjee and the very beautiful Konkona Sen Sharma. Sholoana Bangaliana caught up with Mr. Ghosh to know more about his journey so far as a film maker and about his new movie. The director not only spoke at length about his new movie Kadambari but also shared a very important tip for the budding film-makers of Kolkata.

Mr. Suman Ghosh who is now a Non-Resident Indian living in Miami keeps coming back to Kolkata with great Bangla Movies and when asked about the motivation that keeps bringing him back he said that his physical absence from Kolkata does not really make any difference to his lifestyle or interests as the Bangla culture and literature still remains the focus of his studies and interest area which keeps on pulling him back to the city and Bangla Cinema; that coupled with the fact that his friends and family are still here in Kolkata.

Sri. Soumitra Chatterjee who had given stellar performances in many of Satyajit Ray and other classic Bangla Movies had been missing out on the National Award till probably Suman Ghosh stepped in with his directorial debut Podokkhep which not only fetched Mr. Chatterjee the long awaited and highly deserving National Award for Best Actor but also made Mr. Ghosh a name to be reckoned with the brigade that has always made Bengal proud as even the National Award for the Best Regional Feature Film of 2008 went to the young Suman Ghosh. When asked about his reactions on the same, this humble man only had to say that he had never expected such a wonderful outcome and had only made the film with complete honesty and no such expectations but he is definitely glad that Mr. Soumitro Chatterjee eventually got the award that he should have been honored with long back for so many of his other phenomenal films.

Mr. Ghosh has also worked with Bengal’s most versatile actor Mr. Mithun Chakraborty who as some people say, along with being a great actor is also one who is not too easy to deal with and when asked about his experience of working with Bengal’s own Mithun Da, Mr. Ghosh said that Mr. Chakraborty is probably one of the closest people in his life that he can think of and though outwardly he may seem to be a little tough, the real Mithun Da is an amazing human being who will not hesitate to go out of his way to help and co-operate if he can see the honest and genuine efforts and intentions of the person he is working with.

SHYAMAL UNCLE TURNS OFF THE LIGHTS, a feature film made with complete non-actors in original locations by Suman Ghosh is doing the rounds in International Film Festivals and has won huge critical acclaim. This film had originated as a form of experimentation as Mr. Ghosh wanted to see if he can make a film that will have international acceptability and yes as expected, the film has turned out to be a great success in the International Film circuit. Though in India this movie has yet not been able to create that kind of hype, cinema enthusiasts from across the world are praising its content and style of presentation. Happy with the outcome of SHYAMAL UNCLE TURNS OFF THE LIGHTS at least in the international arena, Mr. Ghosh has already started preparing for his next movie Peace Heaven that shall be made on the same lines.

While talking about Bangla Movies and their International recognition, Mr. Ghosh also said that though good films are being made in Bengal there is a serious dearth of efforts in promoting and presenting these in International Film festivals due to which Bangla cinema has almost become extinct from the International Film scene.

The conversation now shifted to the director’s most awaited New Bangla movie Kadambari in the course of which the director spoke about the literature that he had followed to understand Kadambari, the motivation that drove him to make a film on such a difficult topic, his choice of the lead pair and all that can be expected from the movie.

The motivation behind making Kadambari as it turned out, was an urge to know more about Thakurbari as well as set the records right about Kadambari, the woman she was, the time she lived in and of course young Rabindranath’s relationship with her as these have been highly misrepresented by the society. The screenplay which is majorly based on Sunil Ganguly’s book ‘Prothom Alo’ has a beautiful narrative that brings to the fore these larger than life characters. One interesting portrayal that the audience can look forward to in Kadambari is that of the life of Kadambari’s husband Jyotindranath Tagore who was one of the most creative minds of Bengal of that time but has been more in the lime light for his irresponsible attitude towards personal relationships.

Konkona Sen Sharma for her dedication towards the role and Param for his natural flair and good education in cinema were the obvious choices for the lead pair of Kadambari. Though, there were some initial doubts in the director’s minds about Parambrata’s looks as the young Rabindranath, the positive results from the look test gave him a clear go ahead.

Suman Ghosh in his message to the city’s budding film makers quoted Late. Rituparno Ghosh saying that people should make good Films and thus become a Film-Maker and not become a film-maker just for the sake of the glamour and fame that comes with filmmaking. “Make Good and meaningful cinema and the glory automatically follows”, said Suman Ghosh in his signing off message.

With the shooting on for Kadambari and the next commercial pot boiler ‘RingTone’ starring Parambrata (Though initially Prosenjit Chatterjee had been cast) and Arpita Chatterjee already in queue, Bangla Movie lovers are surely in for some great cinema coming from the very talented and the very Bangali director Suman Ghosh.

Photo Credits: Mr. Arindam Ghosh

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