Sada Kalo Abcha : Director Riingo’s new Bangla movie opens to a grand premiere at Priya Cinemas Kolkata


Sada Kalo abcha premiere

Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen, Now It’s RIINGO time !!!

….  as rightly announced by Mr. Arijit Dutta at the premiere screening ceremony of Director Riingo Banerjee‘s latest Bengali movie ‘Sada Kalo Abcha’, which introduces the Hictchcockian genre in Tollywood. The grand premiere screening took place on November 22, 2013 at the Priya cinema that happens to be the most likable premiere venue for almost all big releases, taking place in Kolkata. Many familiar faces from Tollywood and Telywood (the new brand name, which has been presented to our own Television entertainment industry, as addressed by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal, Madam Mamata Banerjee) were seen at the venue and they came to congratulate and appreciate Riingo’s new thriller ‘Sada Kalo Abcha’, which has been produced by Encash Entertainment and is presented by Sachet Saraf, the CEO of Encash Entertainment Production.

Ashish Vidyarthi

Renowned Bollywood and Tollywood Star-Actor Mr.Ashish Vidyarthi graced the occasion as the Chief Guest as ge is considered as Riingo’s cinematic mentor. It’s Ashish Vidyarthi, who constantly motivates Riingo to explore the newest genres of celluloid storytelling. Ashish attended the ceremony with spouse Ms. Rajasree Barua Vidyarthi, who was a renowned Bengali folk-fusion vocalist of her times and also with his mother in law cum a well known Tollywood character artist Mrs. Shakuntala Barua. Ashish said that he is not acting in this film but always have tried to extend his moral support towards a talented director like Riingo, though he is not known to be a ‘hit’ director commercially. Ashish hoped that someday the Bengali audience would judge Riingo by his rightful standards. He also felt that as a film-visionary Riingo thinks quite a bit ahead of his generation, both in terms of technical expertise and screenplay narratives. Ashish said that as a director Riingo is very radical in his approach and finished with an optimism that someday Riingo’s style of storytelling will receive much bigger reciprocation from the Bengali urbans and educated sector of Tollywood audience.

Popular Telywood and stage actor Rana Mitra, who is making a substantial comeback to Tollywood with this Riingo film, after a long interval was looking macho & dashing in his biscuit colored jacket and dark brown trouser. As per Riingo, Rana Mitra is his Tollywood answer to Hollywood’s evergreen angry macho man ‘Clint Eastwood’. When asked about his reel character, Rana proudly said that he is playing a tough cop, named ‘Ratan Chettri’ and has done something very different here in comparison to all his previous big & small screen works. Rana thanked Riingo for choosing him to play such a strong character and hoped that this performance might open up new horizons to his acting career. When asked about the theme of the movie, Rana Mitra maintained the layer of suspense and said that one must watch the film to understand the theme. Answering to the question, why does he feel that a typicalTollywood audience would enjoy stories which follows the Hitcockian genre, Rana Mitra smilingly said that he sincerely feels that Tollywood audiences must experience such distinct thrillers in order to develop a taste for those and this is a gradual process, which cannot happen overnight. It’s healthy for Tollywood and Bengali cinema that a technically superior filmmaker like Riingo Banerjee has taken up the onus of introducing such untouched genre into Tollywood.

Another familiar face of Telywood and in the recent Sandip Ray films, Mr.Subhrojit Dutta arrived with spouse. Known to be a media shy guy Subhrojit tried his best to escape the camera lenses but could not avoid the media for long. Subhrojit was looking cute in his light green windcheater and faded blue denim. When asked about his reel role, Subhrojit said that he cannot reveal much because that might spoil the suspense of the film. But he said that working with Riingo was fun because as the director Riingo makes everything very smooth-sailing & easy for his actors. Regarding ‘Sada Kalo Abcha’, Subhrojit admitted that it’s something, which was never ever tried by a director in Tollywood and Riingo has handled such a delicate genre very efficiently.

The protagonist of the film – Indo- British actor Mr.Samrat Chakraborti looked handsome & sober in his jet black suit and milk white shirt within. Samrat in his accented English said that he is very happy that his debut film has shaped up so solid and Riingo can be compared to any overseas filmmaker, in terms of talent and technical know-how. The Bengali audience must understand the psyche’ of Riingo in order to analyze his narratives and understand his cinematic experimentation. When asked about his character in ‘Sada Kalo Abcha’ Samrat said that he is playing a young author, named Samrat Ray in the film, who is deeply in love with his model wife Sayani, which has been played by Riingo’s discovery Sayani Dutta, who also happens to be from London. Samrat in his media byte said that both he and Aryan along with their female co-actor Sayani have tried their level best to give Riingo’s vision a proper cinematic shape and together they have tried to make a cinema out of an uncommon idea.

The other man, the exceedingly fair skinned guy AryanD.Roy (Interview) was looking stunning in his black suit and grey tie. When asked about the film, Aryan said that he just followed his director Riingo to bring out the best of his shaded reel character ‘Saikat’. However Aryan did not intend to elaborate much about either the film or his character as he felt that the less it’s discussed, the better it is for the suspense thriller.

sayani datta

The leading lady SayaniDutta (Interview) looked ravishingly sexy in her blue off-shoulder party gown. In a semi-winter evening in Kolkata, she handled her dress with élan. Sayani seemed to be a true blend of innocent charm and sophisticated persona. She smilingly posed for the photographers and talked with the media representatives. Being the discovery of Riingo, Sayani said that working with Riingo had always been great fun and source of learning cinema through its various aspects, attributes and avenues. About her character in the film, Sayani was tight lipped as she also felt that ‘Sada Kalo Abcha’ is a film about hidden truths, which often shocks everyone at its sudden outbursts. ‘Sada Kalo Abcha’ is one such a journey to truly understand the depth of which, one must be a part of the journey by watching the film from the beginning to the climax.

director riingo

Before the official screening of his new film, Riingo took the stage and introduced the members of his cast and crew and the core team from his own production house ‘Ring-a-Bell’. He then felicitated the Chief Guest Mr. Ashish Vidyarthi and while introducing Ashish, he said that without his direct help and support he wouldn’t have been able to complete his debut directorial venture ‘Kranti’, which starred Jeet, Swastika Mukherjee, Rishi Kaushik and Ashish Vidyarthi as the main antagonist.

Riingo then introduced his producer Mr.Sachet Saraf, who heads Encash Entertainment Production. In his brief speech, Mr. Saraf said that they have tried to make a different type of a film and he hoped that the audience would appreciate his first attempt to produce a good movie.

The noted guests from Tollywood off-beat film fraternity, who watched the premiere screening together included the Tollywood hero Indraneil Sengupta with his beautiful actress wife Barkha Bist Sengupta, renowned actor-director Arindam Sil with spouse, Aschorjyo Prodeep director Anik Dutta with Spouse, Avijit Dey from the Sudeshna Roy & Avijit Dey duo and also actor Sudip Mukherjee who came to watch the movie to cheer up his Telywood buddies Rana Mitra and Subhrojit Dutta.

Sada Kalo Abcha Premiere Pics

Photographs: Amitav Sarkar

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