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Knock Out

knock-out review

The first Khan of Tollywood, Shoaib and Kinni starrer film Knock Out had its premiere show at RDB cinemas. The huge crowd in front of the cinema hall was proof enough of the great popularity that the new pair had garnered in such a short span of time. The premiere show also saw the presence of Director Rajib Chatterjee, music director Madhu Mukherjee, Jayanta Das and Pratap Ojha.

In a pink long flowing dress Kinni looked like a princess straight out of a fairy tale. The actress who was visibly excited with her first film hoped that the audience will like her acting. Shoaib in his black suit looked like the Prince Charming, matching up with Kinni. The lead pair posed for photographs for the media. Director Rajib Chatterjee said “Today is the judgment day. If the audience appreciates our work, then we will be happy”.

The film opens with Sunny (Shoaib) trying his hands at crime reporting. However hard he tries, he is unable to achieve success as a crime reporter. His boss gives him a last warning and gives him an assignment where he has to take the interview of Ruhi (Kinni) who wins a beauty contest. Sunny is not interested in the entertainment beat of reporting but goes on the job to keep his boss happy. However on the way, he saves school children from fire in a school building. This leads to his missing out on the appointment with Ruhi. On the other hand Ruhi feels trapped after winning the beauty contest where her name was entered by her close friend. She goes out on a trip of the city and after getting drunk she is unable to go back to the hotel. She lands up at Shoaib’s place. Her father, a top notch politician sends people to take her back home so that he can marry her off. She runs off with Sunny to Thailand. What happens next is what the rest of the film is all about.

The story which may sound interesting fails to keep up the tempo. The beginning looked promising but as the story progresses, the film becomes stale and boring. The film has nothing new to offer. The treatment is what could have made the film appealing to the audience. But it even fails to do so.


The lead pair fails to enact their parts with conviction. Shoaib is stocky in most of the scenes. He is too casual as a crime reporter. We surely can understand why his boss wanted him to shift to the entertainment beat. Kinni with her ample “Puppy fat” is not credible as the beauty queen. The actress looks a bit uncomfortable in the short dresses that she was made to wear in the film. The chemistry between the lead pair which was so evident in the press meets lacks in the film.

The songs in the film are jarring and one will not retain them in their memory as soon as they leave the hall. The only good thing is the beauty of Thailand. But buying a multiplex ticket to watch Thailand is not feasible. We all have our satellite channels for that purpose.

On the whole, the audiences will be disappointed as they will have a déjà vu feel of having seen this before. This is simply not a Knock Out experience as was promised earlier.

Knock Out official theatrical Trailer HD 2013 (You Tube)



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