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Indrasish Roy

Painter turned Director Ranajay RC’s new movie ‘ The Play ’ is ready to hit the theaters on December 6 and Sholoana Bangaliana spoke with actor Indrasish Roy about his experience of working in this movie and his future plans. Excerpts:

Sholoana Bangaliana: After Bangla Movie Rang Milanti and Popular Bangla Television Serials Ganer Oparey and Adwitiya you are making a screen appearance after a very long gap. Your Fans have missed you and would like to know the reason of such a long absence?

Indrasish: Well not really that long. After Adwitiya I was busy shooting for many films due to which was not seen in too many screen appearances. Actually when it is a television serial people get to see the day to day happenings but when a film’s shoot is on it takes time to wrap up as a result of which even I had to stay away from mainstream appearances for a long time. But now that most of these films are ready, I am back in full swing.

Sholoana Bangaliana: Please tell us something about your new movie The Play and your expectations from it?

Indrasish: Though I cannot reveal too much as it will spoil the suspense, I can say that here I am playing the role of a struggling actor who with his group of fellow artists fall into a maze of treachery, deceit and killings. The USP of the movie is its script and I did not even think twice before agreeing to do this movie. The script is totally out of the blue and my character though that of an ordinary guy has that very subtle twist to it which makes it absolutely different. I am very lucky to have been offered the role as I feel my generation of actors has not experimented with such stuff yet.

Sholoana Bangaliana: My next question comes from your praise of the script of ‘ The Play ’.. What do you look for when signing a film, is it the script, the director or the role that you are being offered?

Indrasish: In order to answer this I will have to go back to the days when I had started my career in acting. I started with the daily soap called Champion and had then taken a break to wait for better opportunities after which Gaaner Oparey came my way and went on to become super successful. Right after that I got the chance to act in Adwitiya and then my film break with Kaushik Ganguly happened. So I was lucky to have got such good offers one after the other and the best part is that these offers even gave me a clear understanding of what kind of movies I should accept in future. Now when I go through scripts I try to judge both, the director and the potential of the script before signing the movie. But having said that, the script still remains the priority else I would not have said yes to Ranajay who is fairly new in this field.

Sholoana Bangaliana: If you come across a script that is fantastic but demands you to play anti-hero or an abhorred villain would you go ahead with it?

Indrasish: I started my career with Champion where I played a negative character and honestly, I was absolutely in love with it. Unfortunately, after that I did not get any such offers but if in future I come across any such solid script where I have to play a negative character I would love to do it. But then again, the script has to be really good.

 Sholoana Bangaliana: You said that you would love to take up even a negative role if a good script comes your way but are you not worried about being typecast into a villain after doing such a role as that kind of an image, once formed becomes very hard to break?

Indrasish: Well I feel that with the way Bangla cinema is shaping up these days, this issue of being type cast will not arise. Many new directors are coming up with experimental movie that portray different characters in different shades so any classification as a hero or villain does not exist anymore. Moreover, now the audience only appreciates performance irrespective of the classification of hero or anti hero. For that matter, even Tollywood Hero Abir Chatterjee has done a very different role (not really the hero kind) in one of his next films, so this is like the in thing.

 Sholoana Bangaliana: Who is your dream director?

Indrasish: Farhan Akhtar. And as far as Tollywood is concerned, ‘He’ is no more. (Refers to Late. Rituparno Ghosh)

Sholoana Bangaliana: In the movie ‘The Play’ you have worked with established actors like Rajesh Sharma (Interview) and Mumtaz Sorcar. Please share your experience of working with these stars?

Indrasish: Rajesh Sharma was very helpful on the sets and it was a pleasure working with him as he was like a mentor to me and I have been his fan for a long time now. We however did not get to spend too much time with him as he had to wrap up quickly and fly off to Mumbai for his next Bollywood movie.

Mumtaz indeed is a star but at the same time a lovely person and we made great friends. I have done another movie with her after The Play and I just enjoyed the experience.

Sholoana Bangaliana: Of all the co-actors you have worked with till now, can you pick a favorite?

Indrasish: That would definitely be Gaurab Chakraborty.

Sholoana Bangaliana: Gaurab, Riddhima, Mimi and your other close friends have already made a strong foot hold in Tollywood while you are still quite a few steps behind, any particular reason for this slow climb?

Indrasish: Well, as I said, while I was doing Adwitiya I had many offers but then due to the time constraints and prior commitments I could not take those offers. I was at that time solely concentrating on my television projects. But then when I started doing movies I am totally committed. Here, I would say that I am totally into acting and cannot classify the skill into television or big screen.

Sholoana Bangaliana: Since you are saying that you do not see acting in Television differently from acting in movies, given an opportunity to work in another Bangla serial would you take up the offer?

Indrasish: I might sound biased but on Television I had a lot of offers but chose only two. So if I am offered something of my type I would definitely go for it. Give me another Gaaner Opare and I would jump into it.

Sholoana Bangaliana: As you have said, many of your new films are ready for release, can you tell us about your character in a few of those?

Indrasish: Movie with Ranjan Ghosh Hrid Majharey where I am playing the role of an NGO owner who lives life on his own terms and performs for the people of Andaman in his free time. Here Raima Sen and Abir Chatterjee play a married couple who come to Andaman. For this movie I even attended a workshop with Sohag Sen which was very enriching.

I have also acted in Joydeep Mukherjee’s movie as with Joydeep there is no saying No. I had great fun working in this movie and had loads of fun riding an auto, driving a taxi, fighting, dancing, abusing and doing all that a mainstream movie demands.

Sholoana Bangaliana: Seems like you are experimenting with different kinds of movies so will it be appropriate to say that you do not have any genre specifications and would do any kind of movie that appeals to you?

Indrasish: I do not have any genre specification and would do any movie that appeals to me and has a strong script. If the movie has great script and requires me to dance around trees I would do that too. For me Paglu is a good movie and so is Khela so for me it would always be the potential of the movie.

Sholoana Bangaliana: So can we sum it up saying that Indrasish is only interested in Good Cinema and not the other aspects of it ..

Indrasish: Well, yes for me whatever appeals to me is good cinema as while I love to watch Chokher Bali and Khela, I also enjoy watching Boss and Chennai Express. So my perception of good cinema that I want to work in may be a little too different. But if I have to define it I would just say that any story that is narrated well on screen is good cinema.

Sholoana Bangaliana: Though this should have ideally been my first question I cannot resist asking you about your career aspirations as a child?

Indrasish: I always wanted to be a cricketer not for the sheer love for the game but also for the fact that I never wanted to study and wanted to do something by way of which the burden of studies could be sidelined. I always dreamt of having my field debut in the Eden Gardens but those dreams did not materialize.

Sholoana Bangaliana: So how did you land up into acting?

Indrasish: As I said, I never wanted to study so even though my parents tried to make way for me and send me to a good college the affair with studies never happened. But it was in college that I met Saheb Bhattacharya who introduced me into the world of acting. So acting just happened and now I cannot live without it.

Sholoana Bangaliana: What do you do when you are not acting?

Indrasish: When I am not acting, I am simply wasting time. I just cannot stay at home and whenever I get an opportunity I simply go out and spend time with my gang of close buddies like Gaurab, Mimi, Tanaji, Aritra and others. This gang of friends that I have is from the days when we started acting together and we are still close buddies and hang out together at least twice a week.

I would also like to mention here that Mr. Jishu Sengupta and Rahul Banerjee are also my very close and treasured friends and I spend a whole lot of time with these men and their families.

Sholoana Bangaliana: I would like to sum up with a very clichéd question.. Where do you see yourself ten years down the line?

Indrasish: (After a long pause), This is a very difficult question as I really do not have any plans. I can only say that I just want to continue acting, do good work and definitely land up in a better place. Not just me, I also wish to see the Bangla film industry progress, making way for many good movies that are acclaimed internationally.

The detailed conversation that Indrasish had with Sholoan Bangaliana gave a sneak-peek into the actor’s aspirations and perception of cinema which is sure to greatly enrich his fans. We also wish Indrasish the Very Best for his new movie ‘The Play’ and hope that this new Bangla Movie will be a roaring success in the Box Office.





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