Khancha (2013): Movie Review, Premiere Report and Pics

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Raja Sen’s film Khancha deals primarily with the exploitation of women in all strata of society. It will be indeed wrong to say that only the poor women are exploited and mistreated by the males. Even the educated women fare not better. They are equally bullied by the male members. The premiere of this film took place at Nandan. Rituparna Sengupta, Raja Sen, Dolon Roy, Bhaswar, Shonali and Dipankar Dey amongst the celebrities were present at the premiere of this film.

In a red see through sari, Rituparna looked sizzling and sexy. The golden bracelet on her right wrist accentuated her looks. With two releases this week (the other being Villain), the actress said “I just hope both the films get equal appreciation from the audience”. Raja Sen, who was busy welcoming guests, said “The film is a slice of everyday life. The facts that one reads in the newspaper have been shown in the film”.

The film begins with Parul (Parno Mitra) being sold off by his maternal uncle and aunt to trafficker Netai and his gang. They bring Parul to Kolkata where she is rescued by Sumita Roy (Rituparna Sengupta) who is a marketing executive. She takes her to the police station and files a complaint against the traffickers. She brings the girl home and the traffickers follow her to her home. They start creating trouble and after taking the help of the police, they are spared for the night. Arup, Sumita’s ex-husband comes and tells her not to keep any contacts with their daughter who was staying with Arup. The next morning Sumita gets good news that she had got a promotion due to her good work. She goes to work and finds out that her colleague Tulika (Dolon Roy) had resigned as she failed to give in to the wishes of her boss Rahul (Arijit Dutta). Sumita along with the help of a journalist friend Surojit (Ritwick) tries to find a home for Parul, but she refuses to leave Sumita. Whether Sumita is able to meet her daughter and keep Parul safe is what the rest of the film is all about.

The film begins on a good pace and builds up the tension quite well. But after half an hour, too many issues cloud up the main story. It would have been better had Raja Sen stuck to the basic premise of showing the problems of two women. Showing the troubled domestic life of Sumita and the trafficking problem of Parul would have sufficed. Adding two many stories made the plot muddy and convoluted. There are inconsistencies in the plot which further makes things complicated for the audience to grasp. The three traffickers hang about the house of Sumita, but they only get caught at the end. Another inconsistency is when Arup comes to visit her house, Sumita sees first before opening the door. She however does not do the same checking when the goons come to her house. She casually opens the door. There are many such loopholes which break the flow of the film.

Rituparna Sengupta as the confident, working woman acts her part quite well. But in some of the scenes the actress looks visibly tired. This may be due to the hectic shooting schedule. Parno Mitra as Parul is quite impressive. Her accent and looks are very different from the tom boyish or the glamorous looks that she has portrayed till now in films. The scenes that she shares with Rituparna are some of the best scenes in the film. The vulnerability and the dependence of two women in such situations have been shown beautifully. Ritwick as the journalist is apt. Firdaus as Arup enacts his small role well. Arijit Dutta has by now mastered the lecherous villain look and this role is a cake walk for him.

Had the director paid more attention to the loopholes, the film would have become a great film showcasing the problems that many women face.

Priyanka Dutta

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