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While movies about social problems and women crimes are setting a new trend in the Tollywood industry, Ashis Mitra’s much awaited New Bangla Movie Amra Panch set on the backdrop of the lives of five children acts as an interesting diversion from the usual. Producer Mrigendra M. Dhar’s daring effort to bring a complete children’s movie for the choosy audience of today is indeed a refreshing change.The premiere of the film was held at Nandan on December 5 while the movie released for the audience on December 6. The star cast of the film along with the director and producer Mrigendra M. Dhar attended the premiere which was made into quite a gala affair owed to the excitement of the kids and their kin alike.

amra panch

The film starts with a school scene where the teachers are discussing about the nuisance caused in the school by five children namely Bubu (Dipanyan Choudhury), Jhelum (Samadrita Choudhury), Ru (Gairika Sengupta), Neel (Prince) and Arka (Rajarshri). Neel‘s father Sultan (Rajatava Dutta) is a rich mongrel of the village where this five kids live. He is trying to seize the land of a poor farmer. This particularly is the theme of the movie and focus area of the script. Alongside there are many cases where these five kids, their friendship and their goodness helps many people of the village in times of their needs. In fact these kids also help a village ruffian Loha (Joyjit) to realize his mistake. Finally the story of the movie proceeds about how the children save the land and also the lives of the poor farmer’s boy who is suffering from Thalesemia. Shrila Mazumdar has played the role of a righteous teacher trying to help these five kids.

amra paanch

The five kids present at the premiere were very happy and excited about their debut movie. When asked about the shooting experience, all five of them unanimously shouted that it was very good and they enjoyed a hell lot. In fact Samadrita (who has played Jhelum in the film) exclaimed that while on outdoor shooting they were so busy in themselves that they even forgot their call time for shooting. One of them also said “Ashis uncle was very good and he taught us so well”. On the other hand when the director himself was questioned about his working experience with these kids, he said “At first I was very nervous as they are all very small in age but soon I realized that these kids are actually very smart.”

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The producer Mrigendra M. Dhar said that he is very happy to choose such a subject for his movie. “Nowadays children movies are not made and I want to set an example for the other directors of Tollywood so that more and more movies are made on children in the recent times” said Mr. Dhar. When asked about his little comic role in the film, he said that he had to do a lot of retakes to get that scene perfect. Also present at the premiere were celebrities Boddisotwa Mazumdar and also Joyjit with his little boy.

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The film has a very good beginning and maintains its pace before the interval. But after the interval the movie slows down a bit. The script and concept though very good is quite predictable. The five children were also very good in their roles considering it is their first film. Veteran actors like Joyjit and Shrila Mazumdar did justice to their characters. Rajatava Dutta was simply superb in his typical villain look and role. Last but not the least producer Mrigendra M. Dhar was simply superb in his small scene and role and made the audience roll with laughter. More of directorial expertise could have however shaped the movie better making this one of the finest of director Ashis Mitras’.

amra paanch

Amra Panch is good and light entertainment for the kids and one can always give it a watch this holiday season.

Report: Bias Mitra

Pics: Amitav Sarkar

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