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A press conference was organized by Aakash Aaath at THE PARK, Kolkata to officially announce their forthcoming Bangla Serial Dusohobas. Representatives from various media houses attended the Press Meet to get updated about Dusahobas, which has been written by the famous social activist cum Novelist Ms Taslima Nasrin, who is currently stationed in New Delhi. Ms. Taslima Nasrin also took part in the Press Meet via Online Video Conference facility.  The press meet was addressed by Mr. Ashok Surana, Propietor – Aakash Aath, Ms Eshita Surana, daughter of Mr. Ashok Surana and the Director of the channel and the director of the serial Mr. Sushanta Bose, popularly known as Raja da.


The series Dusohobas revolves around an apparently happy middle class family hailing from North Kolkata. However, as the story moves on, it slowly unearths the dysfunctional aspects of an apparently healthy family bondage, exposing the hypocrisies of the society. The story will expose the naked truth of today’s society, involving fragile relationships, blasphemy, contradictions, immorality, which makes for living together in hell (Dusahobas).

“Dusahobas is a contemporary story about people and about characters, who we have encountered in our lives somewhere or the other. The story is something very different that we are offering to our audience for the first time. Our aim is to deliver exemplary content that has mass appeal “, said Mr. Ashok Surana, Proprietor, Channel Eight, and Producer of Bangla Serial Dusohobas.


“We try to tell a different story with each of our show and Dusahobaas is no exception. This is first time a story by renowned author Ms Taslima Nasrin is being made into a mega serial. Here we have woven a realistic as well as gripping tale enriched with the versatility of the seasoned actors”, said Ms Eshita Surana, Director, Aakash Aath.

“Television channels cannot always showcase the hunky dory aspects of relationships. If one side of the society is living in the midst of the hypocritical relations, then their perspective also needs to be told. The ugly truth of the society remains veiled behind dead relationships and meaningless bonds. Unless we know the truth behind them, we cannot really make a positive change for ourselves. If you watch Dusahobas, you would realize that the story is no exaggeration. It only exposes the ugly truth of our lives”, said Ms Taslima Nasrin.


During her press interaction with the Kolkata Press, Ms Taslima Nasrin said that most of the Indian TV Serials portray Women as either dark characters or mere sex symbols. She also said that Indian Film and Serial Directors must treat women much more seriously in their portrayals to help in establishing social stability. When Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent asked Ms. Nasrin about her definition of an ideal man, she replied that the ideal man must be someone, who unconditionally respects womanhood in all forms and mustn’t treat them as sexual commodities. When asked, she also mentioned that the audience will find such ‘bright’ male characters in the mega serial Dusahobas’ too.

Singer Nachiketa Chakraborty has composed and sung the title track. Directed by Susanta Bose, the cast includes Biswajit Chakraborty, Anuradha Roy, Chandreyee Ghosh, Bhaskar Banerjee, Pijush Ganguly, Baisakhi Marjit, Suman Banerjee, Samata Das and Subhrajit Dutta amongst others.


Tasleema Nasrin on a Video Conference with Kolkata Press (You Tube)


Report: Sanjib Banerji

Photographs: Amitav Sarkar



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