Chander Pahar Premiere: Tollywood Celebrity Photographs, Premiere Report and Video

chander pahar premiere

When the movie is a Dev Starrer Shree Venkatesh Films production, expectations and excitement automatically soars to the zenith but with Chander Pahar the excitement that could be seen amongst Dev fans and the whos-who of Tollywood cannot be really explained in words.

The premiere of Chander Pahar which was held in South City Inox can truly be called a Chander Haat as apart from a few Tollywood Big guns like Prosenjit Chatterjee and Jeet (and Subhosree of course) the entire Tollywood glitterati was present at Inox for the premiere to wish Dev, SVF and Kamaleshwar Mukherjee the very best for this larger than life movie.

The entire camera crew was well stationed right at the gates to click every pose and move of the celebrities who were arriving with family and friends at the premiere but as soon as superstar Dev made his entry the shutterbugs were literally whisked away to record the superstar’s every move and word.

While Dev definitely was the main highlight or attraction of the evening, adding to the glamour quotient, the pretty ladies of Tollywood namely Mimi Chakroborty, Riddhima Ghosh, Sayantika, Ananya Chatterjee, Neha Panda, Mumtaz Sorcar and others arrived with their arm candies and friends to again drive the shutterbugs into a clicking frenzy.

Sabyasachi Chakroborty, Chiranjit, Mir, Ranjit Malick and such others had come for the premiere with their families. As the premiere was that of Chander Pahar, the presence of a lot many children was inevitable and it was quite interesting to see how a little boy exclaimed Feluda! on seeing Sabyasachi Chakroborty and pushed his way through the crowd to just say Hello to him. Interestingly, Srijit Mukherji who has not been keeping too well these days also came for the premiere to support Dev and SVF.

Soham, Saheb Bhattacharya, Abir Chatterjee, Rudranil, Aryan and other young actors also attended the premiere and were visibly excited about the movie too. Rudranil spoke at length with the media congratulating SVF for this wonderful initiative while Aryan (Santu of Mishawr Rohosyo) excitedly chirped that he still keeps reading and re-reading Chander Pahar due to which getting to watch this movie is alike a dream sequence for him.

Along with expressing their views about the movie Chander Pahar and its success, the celebrities also wished their fans and viewers a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year well in advance.

Chander Pahar premiere, as was expected was a wonderful star studded affair that kick started with four auditoriums full of guests, viewers and media persons alike.

Chander Pahar premier Video (You Tube)



Chander Pahar Premiere Video and Pics: Amitav Sarkar



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